Chest made of Camphorwood (80 yrs old)
84cm x 47cm x 44cm $381.

Small Armoire made of elm (130 yrs old)
76cm x 50cm x 89cm $430.

Small Armoire made of eml (120 yrs old)
Small Armoire
76cm x 50cm x 85cm $255

Dinning Table (made from old door)
Dinning table
200cm x 90cm x 80cm $875

Tea Table in poplar w/ (120 yrs old)
62cm x 62cm x 25cm $280.

Tea Table made of elm (130 yrs old)
Tea Tables
54cm x 54cm x 55cm $200. each

Tea Tables made of walnut (150 yrs old)
Tea Tables
41cm x 41cm x 69cm $211each

Foot rest/small stool in Walnut (100 yrs old)
Foot rest
45cm x 30cm x 9cm $80 each

Bed w/o matress in elm (120 yrs old)
203cm x 71cm x 53cm $450

Divider made of walnut (200 yrs old)
hand carved on both sides, each panel 63cm x 4cm x 256cm $7,260

Wooden Bathtub in cypress (120 yrs old)
Wooden Bathtub
136cm x 80cm x 58cm $485

Cake Molds (100 yrs old)
Cake Molds
$12. each

China Dragon
Antique Furniture


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Begining December our office will also have a wide variety of Chinese items for sale. Below is a list of some of the items already shipped. If you are interested in something please email or call me at 215-888-1182, I expect some items will go fast. All of the antiques are completely refinished however some of  the pictures were taken at the time of purchase prior to being refinished by the restoration specialists. Enjoy and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Armoire made of elm (180 years old)
130cm wide x 197cm tall x 55cm deep $1,210.

Blanket Chest made of elm (120 yrs old)
148cm x 46cm x 46cm $730.

Cabinet made of elm and painted (200 yrs old)
174cm x 37cm x 80cm $1,300.

Long Table made of eml (150 yrs old)
272cm x 35cm 100cm $1,100.

Long Table made of elm (recent)
156cm x 34cm x 80cm $480.

Wash basin table (150 yrs old)
Wash basin table
72cm x 45cm x 80cm $1,120

Small Table made of elm (120 yrs old)
Small Table
61cm x 61cm x 52cm $270.

Bed (solid antique elm wood) new design w/matress
180cm x 220cm x 35cm $2,100.

Bed made of (150 yrs old)
213cm x 151cm x 48cm $3,996.

Small stool for tea table in elm (120 yrs old)
Small stool for tea table
40cm x 40cm x 30cm $85. each

Stool (80 yrs old)
30cm x 30cm x 55cm $80. each

Stool (80 yrs old)
30cm x 30cm x 55cm $ 80 each

Small Armoire made of walnut (160 years old)
75cm wide x 110cm tall x 35 deep $1,266.00 each 2 in stock

Night Stands made of poplar (120 yrs old)
Night Stands
42cm x 42cm x 85cm $200 each

Table with drawers made of elm (120 yrs old)
Table with drawers
108cm x 50cm x 80cm $581

Corner Cabinet made of elm (160 yrs old)
Corner Cabinet
76cm x 42cm x 168cm $800

Long Table made of cypress wood (280 yrs old)
286cm x 50cm x 90cm $3,220

Same as above
Long table1
Shows detailed carving

Traditional Chair made of elm (100 yrs old)
Traditional Chair
60cm x 43cm x 108cm $300.

Traditional Chairs made of elm (120 yrs old)
67cm x 50cm x 111cm $395. each

Traditional Chairs made of elm (300 yrs old)
60cm x 47cm x 92cm $750 each

Elmwood door (150 yrs old)
Elmwood door
82cm x 5cm x 194cm $725.

What can be done with a door?
Antique door idea
Well this is one solution

If you are interested in a particular piece please let us know we will reserve the one you want. They will arrive in early December and are open to your inspection at any time, all items are sold on a first come first serve basis unless you have expressed interst in a particulat item in advance.