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Cirrhopetalums and allies

One of the most spectacular plant in this group is B. longissimum from Southern Thailand - I have seen the long flower up to 20cm long in large specimens. This was a rare plant but is recently offered in fairly large quantities from wild collected plants.

B. auratum, widespread in IndoChina, Thailand and Malaysia. Two colour forms are shown - there is also a white form.

B. fascinator

I bought the plant from a local nursery which imported from Thailand thinking it was the regular form of B. fascinator, which is usually deep red in colour. It turned out to be quite different and even the man who sold me the plant, Mr Teo P.S. was surprised - according to him this is the rare alba form, and I had been very lucky since the rest of the batch appeared to have regular flowers. Not convinced, I consulted Dr L. Garay and he returned with the same conclusion. The plant on the right is more normal, although it still appear to have not as much red pigments as some forms I have seen. 

According to some taxonomists, the species is unique enough to be placed in a different genus named Mastigion.


The dramatic B medusae is a lowland native of SE Asia. Large clumps usually flower together with multiple flower heads, each with long "filaments" (actually sepals) about 10 cm long. 


Cirr lepidum collected from tree fall in Gunung Panti. This is a floriferous and beautiful species. 

This appears to be B. corolliferum or pulchellum which is a common lowland species from SE Asia.

It exhibits the typical inflorescence of the Cirrhopetalum  section.

B. annandalei is a rare plant from Thailand and Malaysia.

This is a slow grower that needs very wet conditions in order to do well - this plant is growing on fern bark half immersed in a perpetual tray of water.

B. forestii  from Southern China and Indochina. This is quite a difficult plant - maybe it needs a cooler condition.

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