Snapshots of faraway places



Bright Angel Trail,  Grand Canyon, Arizona USA 

A tiny Agave rosette sends out its giant flower stalk as it precariously perched at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. After flowering the plant expires, sowing  tiny seeds into the air.


Wupakti Ruin, N Arizona USA

Gloomy afternoon in the cool Northern Arizona desert. These plants produce nice everlasting yellow flower heads - I think they are called rabbit bush.


Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument,  N Arizona, USA

A clump of desert marigold (Baileya multiradiata) flanked by two spikes of an unknown plant.


Shoalwater area, Rockhampton, Qlds Australia

The black burnt trunks are due to the seasonal fire in this area. Dead fall from brittle branches is a common hazard.


Mossman Creek, N Qlds, Australia

My travel companion, Hashim posing.


Majestic redwood at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco


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