Aroids In situ photos: 

aroids of the shady forests of Malaysia.

This is a photo of a young Amorphophallus bufo growing on a steep slope under dense shade in the primary rainforest in Southern Pen. Malaysia. All specimens encountered were young plants and I did not see any adult plants around.

An unidentified Amorphophallus (paenifolius ?) growing on a steep slope beside a stream at Langkawi in Malaysia.
A dying bloom of Amorphophallus paenifolius in the forest of central Pahang. The smell is still quite intense.

This Pipthospatha is a rheophyte occuring along fast flowing small streams in Malaysia. It has a nicely veined lanceolate leaves and interesting bloom as shown. 
An Aglonaema pictum display its handsome foliage along a riverbank in Malaysia. This is a Malaysian variety, there is an Indonesian form known as "tricolour" which has an addition dark green hue to add to its already cryptic coloration. This plant is not easy to grow as it needs very humid environment.


A Scindapus pictum scrambles along the Pahang forest. This is a relative of the Scindapus aureum, commonly called money plant - but its silvery foliage is much more elegant. It is also a common species in Singapore.


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