Section Aporum and aff

Plants of this section have a characteristic vegetative habit and relatively small flower. These are mainly about 45 species of small plants distributed from India to New Guniea, of which SEAsia has the most species. Most do well mounted on slabs and given bright filtered light. 

D. leonis exhibits a  typical form of this group, small succulent leaves in 2 ranks on a small to mid-size plant.  The fragrant waxy flower is actually large for the section. This is a common plant of the lowland forests of SE Asia.  

Dendrobium indivisum is a widely occuring species. This plant is from Thailand.

D. jennae was described by Peter O'Byrne - it is from the PNG lowland.


D. aloifolium is widespread in SE Asia lowlands. The tiny flower is borne on a long leafless stalk and may be quite numerous under ideal conditions. It blooms whole year through.

Den. grande has a relatively large bloom. This plant is collected from Pahang.

D. coccinea, phootographed in-situ from fallen logs in Johore, Peninsula Malaysia. This is from the closely related Section Oxystophyllum, which is differentiated by a small appendage of the lip.

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