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Botanical sites

Orchids stuff

  Indonesian Orchids by a local conservationist

  PNG Orchid news - Almost the bible

  Orchid mall photo sites and many links from there.

  Photo encyclopedia by Jay

Hoyas and asclepiads

 An article I wrote in Nature watch  

  Hoya Page by Hodgkiss One of the earliest site in WWW

  Sweedish Hoya Society New address - Many photos !

  Hoya circle lots of links, would load faster without the music : )

  International Hoya Association Photos and info

  Ed Guilding's Hoyas Cool !

  HSI photo site.

  Maggan's site from Sweden with love. 

  Marie's site, If you cannot understand the words just let the photos speak ! 

  (Thanks again   Margaretha !).


  International Aroid Society - the one and only

  Australian Aracea Collection - many photos here

 Institute of Traditional Medicine: use of bulbous types in Chinese medicine.


  Gesneriads reference web - interesting, but few plants from this region.


  Siam fern in Thai

Gardening/plant resources

  Cyndi's catalog of catalogs - Extensive list of mail order nurseries and resources

  Cactus and succulent plant mall - Good stuff this, lots of links to interesting sites and nurseries.

  Malesiana tropicals - Sarawak site offering a good range of Nepenthes.

  Ted Green's site - expensive Hoya source for "must haves".

  Paul Shirley - nice and cheap Hoyas.

  Shady deals - unique offerings - You MUST see this...

Ecological/ pseudo-biological 

Mangroves around Malesiana by Ria Tan 

The stinking bloom: Waynes' world

  Nature conservation in Indonesia

 About crocs and 'gators

 Unusual natural history & crypto-zoology by Chad Arment

  Fungus from Malaysia - from a local nature lover.

 About Amorphophallus, Rafflesias and other smelly plants.

 Chin's Nature Gallery - Malaysian nature cloesups

 Lepidoptera means butterflies - and this site introduce the Bornean species. 

 Which mammal is black and white and very rare ? If you say panda, think again.

 Doubters of Orang pendek (wild man) of Sumatra, here's something to shake you from your seats.

An investigation into mysterious sea carcasses - Globsters

Natural History Magazine's investigation into one of those globs.

Asian sites

 Its wild, corny and un-SIngaporean but I  enjoyed  the show, and here's more : Talking cock.com

Gastronimical botanicals

Interesting site of spices, mainly from bioloical sources by Gernot Katzer

 RFS website about the commercial use of Amorphophallus paenifolius. 

Many ways  to cook a konjak - Chinese website  魔芋美食

Any other interesting sites ? Email me: eafw@cyberway.com.sg

Books and publications

Malayan Wild Flowers 2 volumes - M.R. Henderson.

The Peninsula Malaysia species of Hoya - R.E. Rintz.

The private lives of plants (a book from BBC TV series) - David Attenborough

The Peninsula Malaysia species of Dischidia - R.E. Rintz.

Philippines Hoya Species - Dale Kloppenburg.

Flora Malesiana many volumes ed. C.G.G.J. van Steenis.

A guide to the threatened plants of Singapore -ed Hugh.T.W.Tan

Demi Brown's books in aroids (2 editions) - cannot recall the names.

Aroideana Vol 19 - Wilbert Hetterscheid

The Seed Plant Flora of Fraser's Hill, Peninsula Malaysia - Ruth Kiew

The Orchids of Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore - G. Seidenfaden & JJ Wood.

(Dr Seidenfaden passed away on Feb 2001) 

Malayan Orchid Review - a publication of the Orchid Society of S.E. Asia

Updated: Jul 2003

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