More Ground Herbs of the jungle

These are more of the terrestrial herbs of the rainforests - many of these plants have rather limited distribution and their relatively short lives coupled with the need for very moist atmosphere (hence the difficulty in keeping them in cultivation) means they are extremely vulnerable when the natural habitat is destroyed. There are many plants in this category which are found only once or twice. There are also plants, for example, Begonia rajah, which were thought to be extinct after initial collection made in 1800s only to be rediscovered a century later. 


This is a photo of a small Begonia found on  limestone boulders in Pahang, central Malaysia. The star-burst pattern on the dark green leaves is very distinctive. It is probably B. kingiana. Around the plant are small seedlings of Monophyllea horsefieldii, a one-leaf Gesneriad which inhabits limestone also.  

Impatiens (griffithii ?) found growing on G. Ledang at Malaysia. Impatiens has a wide distribution and many of the hybrids found their way into the horticulture trade.

Labisia is a genus of ground herbs from family Myrsine. It has interesting red berrries. 

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