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Astrological Significance

Ceres represents the way we nurture others and need to be nurtured ourselves by others. It is also concerned with issues of self-esteem, and to the relationship with our parents and children.

The House position of Ceres shows the area of our life which is currently experiencing a nurturing energy. For example, if Ceres is in the part of our chart to do with our working environment (the Sixth House) this suggests that our desire to care for others (and to be cared for ourselves, in return) may be an important aspect of our work. Ceres also shows which areas of our lives are likely to lead to enhance or hurt our self-esteem, and our critical or accepting feelings towards others.

The aspects which Ceres makes with other planets or asteroids shows the ways in which our desire to nurture others is related to the other energies in our personality. For example, a difficult aspect to Saturn would indicate that there might be some general block in our ability to care for others.

Astronomical details

Mechanical Data
Diameter 955 km
Order of discovery 1
Period (years) 4.60

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