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Astrological Significance

Juno affects our capacity for committed relationships and for balanced and fair relations within marriage. While Venus also affects relationships, Juno is more specifically linked to long-term sexual partnerships, whereas Venus is concerned with a more general expression of our ability to love.

The House position of Juno shows which areas of our life are likely to lead to relationships. For example, if Juno is in the part of our chart to do with philosophical thinking and enquiry (the Ninth House), this could mean that our romantic "soul mate" may be linked in some way to learning.

The aspects which Juno makes with other planets show the ways in which our need to relate to other people is linked to other parts of our personality. For example, a favourable aspect to Mars would indicate a lot of energy and vigour in our long-term sexual relationships.

Astronomical details

Mechanical Data
Diameter 226
Order of discovery 3
Period (years) 4.36

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