I have had quite many hobbies which include painting, hockey, skits, skating, astronomy and physics.

However, my major one is painting. It is something I have been doing since my childhood, without anybody's help. I have worked in almost all the major areas like pencil sketching, oil, watercolors, pastels, sculpting and computer art. Recently I have become more involved with computer art.

Visit the websites for awards for painting from former President of India and late prime minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1988.

I have fascination for pencil sketching, partly because I am too lazy to pick up brushes and oil paints. I find it handy to just take pencil and a paper, and capture the surroundings.

Please scroll down to see some of my sketches and Maya/POV render images.

I sketched this untouched part of my university campus. Its pretty difficult to see

trees in Singapore which have not been pruned or cut. Click on the sketch to see the

enlarged version. You can locate a flock of birds sitting on top of the trees.


This sketch was done in Perhentian islands in Malaysia. These islands are reputed to be the world's

most beautiful (as claimed by Lonely Planet). the sketch is dated 10th November, 2000.


Who is this guy?


Here is POV-generated render I did in 2000.

Some Maya Render I did recently