For unto us a Child is Born
The Savior of mankind
Little Child of Bethlehem
In poverty designed

Always He is with us
Holding souls steadfast
Years of Christmas blessings
Remembrances that last

Glory to the Heavens
That shines it's Special Light
Cast among the quiet fields
Of shepherd's sweetest night

Star up in the heavens
Glowing oh so bright
Little Baby Jesus
God's Heart of Love Ignite

Held within the softness
Of this Christmas day
Son of God our Greatest Gift
Mother's heart will pray

Tenderness I give you
I hold You reverently
Gift of all the Nations
My Baby humbly

Wrapped is special beauty
Hands held out to all
Jesus sweet intention
God's love for us a shawl

Joy that then was given
Coming back each year
Heart of love and beauty
Never disappears.

Francine Pucillo



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December 25, 2001

"Oh Holy Night"

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