Happy Birthday

      TO LADY!!!!!

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June birthday Girl

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(as told by Lady)

My real birthday is on June 15, 1988. I will be 21 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR!!! During the summer of 1988, my Meowmie Aurora had decided she wanted to get a kitten so she went to the Friends of Animals who had lots of animals up for adoption. Well, when Aurora saw all the kitties, she couldn't decide which one to get. But, she thought, "Hmmm....Here is this whole pen full of little tiny black and white kittens and which ever one is the most playful kitty and comes up to me is the one I will adopt." So Meowmie Aurora wiggled her finger on the side of the cage, and here comes me, Lady. So, I was the kitty who Aurora chose to adopt. When I was really tiny I loved to lay on Meowmie Aurora's neck, nuzzle her hair, knead the back of her head, put my nose in her ear and purr really loud. I still like to do that when Meowmie Aurora lets me!!!! I was a really playful little kitten and so cute...a little tuxedo kitten. I still am very playful at times and get the "crazies" every once in a while!!! This is the story of how I came to live at Meowmie Aurora's house and celebrate my first birthday with Meowmie, Buster and Simba and live happily ever after. June 2006: P.S. Here it is and I am another year older, I will be 18 this year. I spend a lot of time indoors and love to sit on my Meowmie's lap. She also let's me sleep on her pillow next to her head and poke my nose in her ear at night!  tee hee!

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Birthday cake


Here is Lady's Birthday Cake..HAPPY 21TH BIRTHDAY.
Stop by and have a piece of Cake & help Lady Celebrate!!

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A poem in Honor of Best Friends Day - June 8th

Friends for today
and friends for tomorrow.
friends through the good days,
and friends through the sorrow.
for the memories we make,
the things we give, lend,
and borrow...
Happy Best Friends Day!

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Here are Buster, Lady and Simba
Aren't we cute little kitties???!!!!


Simba by the window

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