Autism Awareness Campaign in Sri Lanka


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Minister Milinda Moragoda responds to our appeal.....

Minister Milinda Moragoda with Dr. Arthur C.Clarke in Colombo

Dear Ivan,
Thanks you for your e-mail and for the passionate plea for autistic people in Sri Lanka. Sometimes I feel that we have to fight on so many fronts that I wonder how it can all be done.
I recognize your plea and I am also aware that autism will rise over the next few years. At the moment I do not know how we can do more than we are, especially in the field of health care and social services. Sri Lanka has become a very dependent state with so many people expecting the Goverment to deliver.
Frankly neither the funds nor the capacity exist any more (if they ever did) and we are working very hard to get the economy stable. If we can achieve that then we might be able to gather pace in these other very important areas.
Nevertheless I understand you plea for action on autism and I will raise the matter with the relevant colleagues.
Best wishes
Milinda Moragoda

We urge politicians of all parties in Sri Lanka to speak up for parents, carers and people with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.....