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Employment Noticeboard





David Lawler

PO Box 23374


Arabian Gulf

Tel: 00973 699409   Fax: 00973 699425



Special Needs Teacher Female or Male


19th November 2003


I was given your name by Action for Autism as someone who may be able to assist me and my wife.


We are Irish  parents of an 8 year old Child, named Daniel who has Autistic features with learning difficulties. He has no form of communication and is dependent on adults for his daily needs. He has been on a home based ABA program for 6 years, until February this year.


In Sept my wife and son moved to the United Arab Emirates where Daniel attends a special needs school 5 days a week, for 5 hours a day. I am based in Bahrain (a 45 minute flight away) and I visit them on a frequent basis. 


We are looking for someone with experience of working with special needs children to assist my wife in the afternoons and at weekends, to teach Daniel life skills, communication skills and to keep him occupied.  

Physically, he is a normal, good looking, healthy  child, but is handicapped by his lack of communication skills, be it verbal, sign language or in using Pecs.


If you know of anybody in your Country, that would be interested in working with my wife and child, in the UAE, I would be most grateful if you could ask them to contact me on any of the above telephone numbers, fax or by email.


The initial contract would be for 2 years, renewable and the terms and conditions are to be agreed and will be subject to experience, commitment and the ability to be flexible.


Accommodation and air fares will be provided as part of the package. The person we are looking for must be able to speak English well.


Please let me know if you require any additional information.   



Yours sincerely,



David and Padma Lawler



November 2003

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