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bot-lin.jpg Clear Apothecary Bottle with label Lin 10DI. Label is glass covered. The lid to this bottle maybe wrong (don't know) Stands 8-1/2" high, 2-7/8" dia.
Price $70 MB016
bot-clear7.jpg bot-clear7a.jpg bot-clear7b.jpg Clear Apothecary Poison Bottle. Paper Label. Stands 11-1/4" high, 4-3/4" dia.
Price $85. MB017
bot-clear8.jpg bot-clear8a.jpg bot-clear8b.jpg bot-clear8c.jpg Clear Egg Shaped Lab Bottle.aper Label. Stands 11-1/4" high, 6" dia. MacBick.
Price $125. MB018
bot-poison.jpg bot-poison2.jpg bot-poison3.jpg Clear Fluted POISON Apothecary Bottle with glass label (CUPRI: SULPH:). Excellent shape - except the bottom has a crack all around. Stands 8-5/8" high, 4" dia.
Price $75 MB019
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