31st and 32nd Pilgrims: The Lovers
    -(Written in a  Story Poem) Additional characters added to the Canterbury Tales. Two beings, both looking for acceptance and love, make a connection as they travel England to Canterbury.

Beneath the Veil of Darkness

Buffy, Queen of the Damned
    -(Crossover with Queen of the Damned) When Willow called upon the powers of Ancient Egypt while ressurecting Buffy, she called upon something far more greater. Far more deadlier. Is the world ready for hell? B/A(us)/S, with Lindsey thrown in there as well. Yup, it’s just a big ‘ol orgy. (Also, check out the Queen of the Damned website here!)
    **WIP (On Hold)

Cowboys 'N Indians
    -(Short Fluff) A vision from Cordelia leads Angel and Co. to a new club in town . . . what they find there is an entirely different story. Hint: Mechanical Bull. B/A and a hint of B/S

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Slayer
    -(Dark Fic) Connor is sent over to Sunnydale by his father to help Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang with the strange increase of the demon population. The young man soon finds himself falling in love with the infamous Slayer, and his father's soulmate. B/A, B/Con, and B/S (Written by AudBall)

Man's Pride, Man's Sword  
    -(Short Fic) Buffy buys a vibrator and Angel freaks out. B/A (Written by Chad)

The Messenger
    -(Crossover with The Sixth Sense) A young boy becomes thrust into a situation that deals with Angel and the soul of his past love. Will he be able to give this love a second chance? B/A

Our Sons and Daughters  **NEW**  (formerly titled: Shards of Glass)
    -(Epic) Eight teenagers in the care of Buffy, Angel, and Spike. Damn. The Powers are harsh. A story of the reality of being a family and the struggles of growing up, especially in a dimension filled with demons that are real and/or come from inside. B/A, B/S, A/C

Phone's A Ringin', Asses' A Swinging  
    -(Short Fic) Angel gets caught teasing Buffy. B/A (Written by AudBall)

Switch In Identities
    -(Alternative Universe) Angel, the Vampire Hunter, meets an ensouled vampire by the name of Buffy. A story and a different take and angle of the never ending love between these two beings. B/A and B/S

Turn Back Now
    -(Short Story) My very first Buffy fic. A young and insightful man leads Angel to see the light and hope at the end.

The Two Suns
    -(Alternative Universe)A different take on Pylea. What if Lorne's dimension was a bit more different than what they showed? With more than a few twists and surprises ahead of him, will Angel accept Buffy's situation within this strange and demonic world? B/A, B/Aus
    **WIP (Revisions)

The Underground
    -(Alternate Universe) Angel has always wanted danger and excitement in his life . . . but what happens when he finally gets a chance to live in it? A very small crossover with Queen of the Damned. Yes, I know, again.

White Flag   **NEW**
    -(Song Fic) Inspired by Dido's new music video "White Flag" with David Boreanaz. Buffy and Angel's fairytale romance ends. The trials and tribulations of a relationship in the public eye, as well as the pride that gets in between these 2 individuals.
    **Series-> 1st installment complete

Wolf Pack
    -(Alternative Universe) In a universe where werewolves silently rule the world with their power and mysteriousness, a lone wolf gains the leadership of an unbeatable pack . . . as well as the heart and the love of their precious queen. B/A, hinting of B/S

Your Cheating Heart   NEW
    -(Future Fic) After all the heartache and four years of marriage, Buffy and Angel's relationship finally comes to an end when he cheats on her. B/A, A/C, and B/S (Written by Chad)