Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The Accident

Author: Baby Blues

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Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

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Summary: An alternative universe in which Buffy belongs to an ancient werewolf pack and where her family suddenly gets threatened when their leader dies. (Inspired by the novel, 'Blood and Chocolate' by Annette Curtis Klause)

Notes: I've been contemplating writing this, but I finally decided to take the chance. And I know I haven't even bothered to finish 'Intentions For A Slayer,' and now I've started a new story, but I can't help it!

Dedication: To Leonardo de Vinci, my greatest hero who was an artist, an inventor, a philosopher, and an all around great man.


~Joyce: We're going to make it.

~Buffy: I just want Dad back.


Buffy stared at the flames that flickered before her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched, frozen, from the sight of the fiery element swallowing their home whole.

Someone grabbed her arm, someone familiar . . . her mother.

Buffy didn't even notice the other people of the pack running and screaming away from the hot fires that licked and engulfed the once shiny oak wood of the mansion her family had been calling 'home' for more than a hundred years.

"Buffy, we have to leave!" Joyce pulled on her daughter towards the cars that were parked in front of the once glorious house they called The Den.

"No! Daddy!" Buffy screamed as others began pulling her away.

"We can't do anything anymore, honey! We have to leave now!" Joyce yelled, holding back her own tears as she gave Spike the silent permission to carry the hysterical young woman towards one of the cars that sat waiting for the remaining three.

"We have to get dad!" Buffy struggled in Spike's strong arms, unwilling to leave her father behind to die.

"We can't do anything now, pet," he cringed, turning her away from the fire that had been caused by a mad mob in the village three miles away.

One of the enraged town’s people had found one of their pack members running out in the woods and saw him change.

Jessie was killed on the spot, slashed viciously in his human form and left to rot in the middle of the woods.

He died alone.

This fire was the outcome two days later; a fire that had taken away her father and had made them run from their home, a fire that had taken her sense of safety away . . . had taken away the innocence of everyone else in the pack.

She was placed in one of the cars, specifically Spike's black Desoto as her mom took the front seat.

And with one last sad look at the still burning remains of their once lovely home, the cars drove away into the night and away from their life.

They all mourned the life that they had to leave behind. The leader of their pack had died trying to save everyone from the fire that the mob had started when they had all been seated at dinner.

Rupert Giles, (Giles as he was known to the pack), had gotten everyone out, including the already fed young twins, one four month old baby, and the young couple who were watching them upstairs in the nursery.

After Giles handed the baby to Xander, a broken timber had fallen on him. The young man couldn't do a thing for their leader as he yelled for him to get out and save their own lives. Xander obeyed, he had to get the child out.

"Daddy . . . " Buffy whimpered in the back seat as she sobbed for her father who had lost his life and left them all alone and leaderless.

Giles wasn't just the leader of their pack; he was a father to Buffy, a husband to Joyce, an uncle, a brother, and a friend. They all lost a part of themselves tonight and nothing will be the same ever again.

So here they were, once a powerful set of species centuries ago, driving towards a new town to try and start a new life and a future they were all very unsure of.

Joyce slowly shifted and crawled towards the backseat, gathering her daughter in her arms as Buffy continued to cry out her grief.

"We're going to make it," Joyce whispered tiredly, her own eyes bloodshot from crying as well.

"I just want Dad back," Buffy whimpered.

"We all do, honey," Joyce said softly, "We all do."

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