Title: Wolf Pack

Chapter Title: The News

Author: Baby Blues

E-mail: purely_blissful@hotmail.com

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the story is.

Summary: The news of The Blood Moon Battle travel among the ears of the werewolves of the world, including a particular lone wolf who had been waiting for his moment to become a pack leader.

Dedication: To Goldy, B/A shippers all the way! Whohoo! Yeah! Right on! Okay, I'm done . . .


~Penn: This is your chance, after all. You want it . . . so take, have it.


The news of The Blood Moon Battle traveled swiftly through the globe among the twitching ears of eager male werewolves. Those who had enough stamina and guts to play the dance of death beneath the moon prepared for the upcoming fight.

They knew they had to put up with the Slayer Clan, a pack in which powerful and ancient blood flowed through their veins. It was going to be tough even though they had all heard they had been a peaceful and sheltered pack before their leader died in a fire set by a mob in their old town in Pennsylvania. The blessing of the Moon Goddess and the Shadow King was granted to their family, and they were the considered one of oldest clan of werewolves that had survived through the centuries.

Everyone else was either a lone wolf or a fairly new pack.

"It's a pity, really," Gunn said.

Angelus paced the floor of the apartment in New York he shared with Gunn and Penn. Gunn, such as Angelus, was looking for a pack to lead, while Penn was an independent, not wanting to be tied down with any sort of responsibilities.


"The death of Giles. I heard he was a great leader," Gunn said as he placed more wood into the fireplace of their simple three-bedroom apartment that overlooked the Statue of Liberty as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

"A leader who kept his pack away from the real world is no leader at all," Penn commented snidely as he strolled into the living area to look out the windows. "If you ask me . . . "

"In which we didn't," Gunn muttered as he glared at the man.

"It's not worth trying to lead the pack," Penn continued, ignoring Gunn's comment.

"They would need to be taught," Angelus said, continuing to pace.

Penn sighed dramatically. "You'll be wasting your time. They'll turn you into a pussy before you can corrupt them."

Angelus smirked. "I doubt that, Penn."

He only shrugged. "Fine. Go," he said nonchalantly. "This is your chance, after all," he said, "You want it . . . so take it, have it."

"And I will," Angelus promised to himself. It was time. This had always been his silent hope, to take over a prominent pack suck as the Slayer Clan and turn it to something bigger. It had always been his dream to make the werewolves rule Earth once again, and turn human beings into precious meals to be hunted down and slaughtered.

Times needed to change once again, and the Slayer Clan will help him reach that change.

"I hear his daughter is one wolf to sniff up," Gunn smirked impishly as he laid back on the couch.

Angelus quirked up a bit and stopped pacing. "A daughter?"

"A beauty at that," Penn whistled. "She's a worthy mate, I hear, and at her prime as well," he said, "Twenty years old and still not taken."

"A virgin," Gunn sat up, taking full interest now.

Penn nodded. "The Slayer Clan lived their lives as werewolves, but they stuck to some human morals as well. Especially when it came to their sex lives."

"How fascinating," Gunn said.

"Very," Angelus added with a frown. Werewolves in nature were as sexually driven as every other being on earth . . . how they could deny themselves the pleasure of sex was both appalling and mesmerizing.

"A virgin werewolf princess," Gunn mumbled thoughtfully, "I actually find it arousing. To dominate a powerful yet innocent wolf."

Angelus growled at the thought. "Damn, that sounds nice," he said huskily before continuing his pacing in front of the fire.

"And intriguing. I never had a virgin before," Gunn said, sitting back on the couch lazily.

Penn sneered humorously. "They're the best piece of ass, if you're into the whole naive maiden sort of shit. The easiness of dominating them makes any wolf's blood boil like crazy."

"I'm liking the sound of it so far," Angelus said truthfully.

"You would," Gunn snorted, knowing how much Angelus enjoyed sex, a lot of sex. He should know, his room was right next to his and he's heard every groan, scream, and grunts that had come through the walls that separated their rooms. It was annoying and very tiring.

Angelus shrugged. "I'm always open for any new sexual rendezvous that comes my way. New experiences are the best learning experiences," he grinned wickedly.

Penn rolled his eyes, "Please, you just got that from the back of a cereal box."

"We don't eat cereal," Angelus said as he stared at him as if he were the dumbest person on planet earth.

"Cereal box, meat packages, I wasn't being literal," Penn ground out.

"Well, I'm definitely up for the challenge," Gunn said, standing up and walking towards his bedroom, "I'm in."

Angelus stared at the fire. "Same here."

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