Phoenix Police Violate My Civil Rights

Notes after talking to the guy on the bicyle

On Sunday Dec 21, 2003 at about 10:30 p.m. I had my civil rights violated again by a crooked Phoenix Police Officer just southeast of Maryland and 20th Street between the Arizona Canal and the Maricopa County Flood Control Ditch where I was sleeping when the crooked Phoenix Cop woke me and started violating my civil rights.

Shortley after that the same pig followed me down the road and found another homeless person who parks his bike on the north west side of the freeway and the south ease side of the flood control ditch and sleeps their every night and the pig shook him down.

A couple days later i talked to that person for the first time in my life. (sorry im an introvert and dont talk people).

  1. he told me the pig asked him for his name and he did give his name to the pig. (I should be able to get his name from the police report)
  2. he told me the pig told him that he was also illegalling camping on city of phoenix property. he said the pig told him he would let him go with out writting him a ticker or arresting him.
  3. the guy on the bicycle also knew like i know that he was NOT camped on city of phoenix property but on MARICOPA COUNTY FLOOD control property. ie: he knew the pig was lying when the pig told him he was camping on the city of phoenix property.
  4. its probably been two weeks since i talked to the guy and i dont rememberer everything. thats why i should have written up these notes earlier. but the guy did say something to the effect that the pig was pissed off at ME.
  5. I dont think the pig told the guy i refused to identify my self but I told him. I also told him i was suing two tempe pigs in federal court for the same type of civil rights violations. I also told the guy i was planning on suing this pig in federal court and asked him if he wanted to sue too.
  6. the guy is still sleeping there at his usuall place near the SR-51 freeway and the flood control ditch.
  7. the guy mentioned that the other guy and girl have been living on the canal for years. but i dont think they were shaken down by the pigs in this case. he was just talking.
  8. i dont remember if the cop told the guy on the bike about the old folks home story of them complaining about me.
  9. the guy told me that where i was sleeping was a very dangerous place to sleep and that if it happened to rain i could get swept into the flood control ditch.

    i dont think the guy made this up on his own but i suspect the pig told him that as an excuse to justify shaking me down. but in either case its bullshit for all these reasons.

    1. the flood control ditch was build to catch all the rain water from NORTH of the Arizona canal. I was sleeping on the SOUTH side of the ditch so none of the water from the NORTH side would effect me.
    2. on the SOUTH side of the flood control ditch all the water that rains on the SOUTH side of the arizona canal flows SOUTH and drains into the SALT RIVER. I was on the NORTH side of the Arizona canal and none of this water would effect me.
    3. the only water that could effect me if the pig was telling the truth was the rain water that falls between the SOUTH SIDE of the flood control ditch, and the NORTH SIDE of the Arizona canal. which is a distance of maybe 20, 30, 40 feet at max. and probably 90% of that flows into the arizona canal. but lets assume that in the worst case all the water that rains on this 40 foot or less road way drains into the flood control ditch unless we had something like 60 inches of rain in a matter of a few minutes their would never be enough rain to sweep me into the flood control ditch.
    4. and even it did rain biblical porporations and inches and inches of rain came down i would stop sleeping their as soon as i got wet and move down tp sleep under the freeway where i can sleep out of the rain. even if i am one dumb sob, this sob likes to keep dry.
    5. in any case the cop was full of sh*t if he said rain water would sweep me into the flood control ditch.
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