Phoenix Police Violate My Civil Rights

On Sunday Dec 21, 2003 at about 10:30 p.m. I had my civil rights violated again by a crooked Phoenix Police Officer.

This time I was just southeast of Maryland and 20th Street between the Arizona Canal and the Maricopa County Flood Control Ditch sleeping when the crooked Phoenix Cop woke me and started violating my civil rights.

His car lights were on and he had a flashlight, maybe a drawn gun but I don't remember and he yelled something like get up! or get out!

These notes are from the Az Lottery paper I used to write my notes at about 10:45 p.m & 10:55 p.m. at the gas station on Glendale & 16th Street.

The pig told me I was scaring the people at the old folks home.

The pig told me something like I could not sleep there or camp there. Later on when i was under the freeway he told me I was violating city of Phoenix code 23-30 which is a law that says you can't camp on "the city of Phoenix property". Which is bullshit because the property is not owned by the city of phoenix. Its either the Salt River PRoject Property of the Maricopa County Flood Control District property.

The pig asked me for my name and I did my usuall "I'm not going to tell you my name and I am invoking my 5th Amendment Rights and refuse to answer your questions. If you have any more questions please give them to my lawyer who is Marc Victor at (480)755-7110.

The pig then threatend to arrest me and said something to the effect that "if i didnt tell him my name he would have to arrest me and fingerprint me".

The pig also lied to me and told me i was tresspassing. He said their was a sign that said "no tresspassing".

I told him something like "thats wrong this is SRP property and they allow you to use it at your own risk."

I put on my shoes and rolled up my sleeping bag and walked off. While i was doing this the pig gave me another lie and said something that "i must hate pigs or cops." I responsded that I didn't hate law abiding ethical cops who obeyed the constitution" and continued walking north west, crossed maryland and continued toward the freeway. the pig followed me.

When I was under the Squaw Peak Freeway the pig pulled up next to me in his car and told me he looked up the law. I assume that's the law he said i was breaking when he woke me up and started to violate my civil rights.

He said it was Phoenix City code 23-30 which i wrote down as 2330. He said it was camping on city property or something like that. I looked up Phoenix City Code 23-30 the next day at the Phoenix City Library and it says "its illegal to camp or sleep on CITY OF PHOENIX PROPERTY". well his arrest of me on that code is total bullshit because i was not even on city of phoenix property. I was probably on the maricopa County Flood Control District Property.

I continue walking. And at this point he noticed another homeless person who parks his bike on the north west side of the freeway and sleeps their every night. I suspect the pig figured he was an easier person to harrass and went over to bother him. I continue walking.

I went to the gas station on Glendale and 16th Street and made my 1st set of notes about the civil rights violation on a lottery form i got in the gas station. The time I got to the gas station was 10:45. I took a krap at the gas station.

Next I went to walgreens across the street and made more notes. I was at Walgreens at 10:55 p.m.

Then I went to the gas station on 12th street and glendale where i used the rest rooms and make some more notes on the paper towels from the rest rooms.

I then walked to 7th street along glendale because I didnt have any where to sleep and because I was afraid of the pigs shaking me down again.

I then walked north along 7th street to the Arizona Canal which is a bout one fourth of a mile north of Northern Avenue.

I then followed the south side of the Arizona Canal to Central Avenue where i started to go to sleep behind a SRP water box. But there were lots of pigs in the area so i continued walking along the south side of the canal to 23 avenue.

At 23 avenue I went to the north side of both the Arizona Canal and the North side of the maricopa County Flood control ditch and went up to I-17. There were two other homeless people sleeping there so I felt safe from the pigs. One persons was sleeping next to the flood control fence next to I-17. The other person was sleeping in the middle of the road.

I camped next to a brick wall and slept till about 6 a.m. on Monday December 22. After getting up I went to McDonalds on Northern and 19th Avenue to read the newspaper.

After that I went back to the canal and went on the north side from 19th Avenue to I-17. Then I went back to 7th Avenue following the south side of the canal.

I found two places I can sleep in the future. One by a SPR canal box south of the power plant and north of northern, probably on 21st avenue.

And another place just west of 19th Avenue in a canal that has been filled in on one end.

Stuff to do for the lawsuit

  1. File a claim with the City of Phoenix for Damages
  2. ASLO File a claim with the City of Phoenix for Damages when we were copwatching at the BUSH PROTEST and the pigs shined lights in our eyes
  3. Get the police report on my incident. Where the pig shook me down for sleeping on the canal. If one exists.
  4. get the police report on how the same cop harrassed the guy who sleeps on the north westside of the freeway in a hammock and rides a bike. That should allow me to get the name of the cop
  5. the get the voice transcripts of the people in the old folks home who called to report me sleeping on the Maricopa County flood control ditch. THis may be a 911 voice tape. or it could be a normal phone call to the phoenix police. sue the people who reported me.
  6. get the initial dispatch from the police dispatchers who took the call about me sleeping on the flood controld ditch and either sent it by

    voice over the radio to the cop or by computer to the cop.

  7. get both the computer digital dispatch and radio voice dispatch.
  8. get all other communicatons (voice and digital) between the cop who shook me down between him, and the dispatchers, and him and his sargents.
  9. also get all digital and voice dispatches about the other guy the cop shook down. (the guy who sleeps in the hammock with the bike)
  10. see if the guy who sleeps in the hammock and rides his bike wants to sue the pigs with me