Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 22:10:39 -0700 (PDT) From: "LL nicol" <> Subject: Laro update 3sept04 To: <removed>

Hello to my friends and family. I am just waiting for the eventuality of my time away from the people I love to materialize. I wanted to post a couple of things that I find germane to this whole debacle on the part of the federal government and the BATF in particular.

The lead agent in the case against me was a man by the name of Tristan Moorland. Without his overzealous and fanatic involvement in making this case, I doubt very much that any of this would have happened. I have mentioned before, and I will mention again, that Tristan Moorland lied to and threatened members of my family to try and get them to give damaging testimony against me. Although my family members where under a threat of arrest and being lied to about the evidence in the case, no damaging testimony was obtained. Why, because there was no crime to incriminate me with. We have all heard the stories about the BATF and its abuses. What we dont often hear about, are the small details of the raids and investigations in which humiliation and threats are used to achieve a desired fearful effect on the victim and their families. My wife and I had two hundred dollars in cash in an envelope taped to the bottom of her underwear drawer. This is somewhat personal, but pertinent, we also had some rather personal pictures that we had taken of one another at a time of fun and frolic. The BATF, under the direct supervision of Tristan Moorland while raiding my residence, went through the contents of my wifes underwear drawer. The contents were dumped on the bed. On top of the contents, all the pictures had been laid out and spread about the bed, for all to see. I cant help but wonder what sort of sick mind gets off on humiliating people in such a way, but then there is BATF agent Tristan Moorland. The two hundred dollars in cash never materialized. No record of the cash in evidence either. My wife related these events to me, as I was unavailable to corroborate her story. For those who know Beth, she doesnt lie, and she always knows where the money is.

I was looking at a transcript of my detention hearing with magistrate Duncan. Here are his words concerning my release:

Mr. Nicol, Im going to detain you. Im going to detain you as a danger to the community. Im going to do that based upon my view that there is clear and convincing evidence that there isthat you do pose a danger to the community, and that there is no condition or combination of conditions that could reasonably assure the safety of the community..And even though the gun wouldhas been taken away from you, the fact that you would allegedly be in possession of an automatic weaponand again I accept the testimony of the agent that hes 98 percent sure. Thats, in my view, clear and convincing evidence that its an automatic weapon. That that and the combination with the explosive device, that its not a model rocket; its not a toy; its not a big firecracker. It is a dangerous instrumentality in the possession of someone who also possessed materials on how to render such things dangerous and more so. And for that reason I believe if I were to release you, you would pose a danger because of that knowledge and because of the risk that would be an unreasonable risk to that you could use that knowledge in a way to harm the community. And so for that reason I will order you be detained in the custody of the united states marshals pending your trial

Make of that what you will. I would be more than happy to provide copies of the transcripts of that kangaroo session in full for those who request it. Please remember that my sentencing date has been set for this month. The date is the 27th at 10:30 am in Judge Rosenblatts court room. #601. All things subject to change.

I want to, again, thank all of you for you support, comfort, and love. If I seem as if I am getting a little emotional, well, I am. I love those wonderful children of mine. I love the movement and I love working for a more balanced, just, and egalitarian tomorrow. I will not be defeated, and the reality of the love and trust I have from my family and friends are the strength they can never take away. Your commitment to believing in me and knowing who I am is a power they cannot destroy. Power to the people brothers and sisters!

Hasta la Victoria el Siempre,


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