From:   "greenspj" <>
Subject:   [lpaz-discuss] Re: Prop 200 acknowledges and REQUIRES a national ID
Date:   Tue 09/07/04 05:05 PM 
The federal law that established the NAtional Drivers Registry passed 
in 1995, effective Oct 1, 1996, which ALSO created the national 
identification standards contained an OPTIONAL program for the 
states.  If states complied with the national NTHSB and DL 
standards they got, I think it was $5 million.  (Pearce sold our 
heritage so our state could get a mess of federal pottage.)

These standards became MANDATORY for all states on Oct 1, 2001.

Between 1995 and Oct 1, 2001 in AZ they got your SSN other ways.  You 
didn't HAVE to provide it, but there was a blank on the form for it.  
Many gave it up.  They cross referenced with SSA and added the SSN to 
DLs on a positive match.  Any state records that contained your SSN 
where there was a positive match to a DL app, got the SSN added to 
the DL.

The reason many say in their experience they never gave the SSN was 
that it was obtained via other means.  Also, when you move states now 
and turn in your old DL, you do not have to regive your SSN.  Why?  
It's in the NAtional Drivers Registry.  Say you lost your DL (if you 
move states) when you apply for a new one and that you wont reveal 
your SSN.  They get so nervous, as they are warned 
against "agitators" like you" they are nervously pressing the button 
under the desk for security.

Rest assured, everyone in AZ now has SSN on their DL file, though it 
may not show on the front of the card.  And those DLs comply with 
federal national id standards and National Drivers Registry data 
exchange formats.

Ever wonder why and when the 30 year DLs came into existance?  Only 
when they positively id'd you according to national id standards.

--- In, "C. D. Tavares" <Tavares@a...> 

> I'd like to know how, since Arizona didn't even ask you for your 
SSN until
> late 2000, possibly early 2001.

> At 2:52 PM -0700 9/7/04, Jeff Greenspan wrote:
> >
> > line 12, page 3 (Section 4.F.1.)
> >
> >
> > Why is that date significant?
> >
> > Well, Pearce oversaw the implementation of optional (on Oct 1, 2001,
> > they became mandatory) NTHBS (federal) "recommended" identification
> > standards for states' DLs.
> >
> > In (I forget the federal Act name) 1995, the National Drivers Registry
> > came into existance (always legally Oct 1 of the NEXT year) along with
> > the NTHSB national id standards.
> >
> > Therefore, in Arizona, as of Oct 1, 1996 all DLs and DMV IDs issued
> > a) conformed to national ID standards layed out by the feds
> > b) were entered into the national drivers registry
> > c) are linked to your SSN

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