Stuff to do for the lawsuit

  1. File a claim with the City of Phoenix for Damages
  2. ASLO File a claim with the City of Phoenix for Damages when we were copwatching at the BUSH PROTEST and the pigs shined lights in our eyes
  3. Get the police report on my incident. Where the pig shook me down for sleeping on the canal. If one exists.
  4. get the police report on how the same cop harrassed the guy who sleeps on the north westside of the freeway in a hammock and rides a bike. That should allow me to get the name of the cop
  5. the get the voice transcripts of the people in the old folks home who called to report me sleeping on the Maricopa County flood control ditch. THis may be a 911 voice tape. or it could be a normal phone call to the phoenix police. sue the people who reported me.
  6. get the initial dispatch from the police dispatchers who took the call about me sleeping on the flood controld ditch and either sent it by

    voice over the radio to the cop or by computer to the cop.

  7. get both the computer digital dispatch and radio voice dispatch.
  8. get all other communicatons (voice and digital) between the cop who shook me down between him, and the dispatchers, and him and his sargents.
  9. also get all digital and voice dispatches about the other guy the cop shook down. (the guy who sleeps in the hammock with the bike)
  10. see if the guy who sleeps in the hammock and rides his bike wants to sue the pigs with me
See how the Phoenix Police violated my civil rights