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The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season, April to September. Humidity is down and nights can be cool. Australians visit in droves at Christmas and during May-August school holidays. Europeans arrive in July and August. Indonesians come at Christmas/New Years and during the June-July school break. Book well in advance for cheap flights and accommodations during these periods.



The Australian consul in Denpasar also represents citizens of Canada, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Japan also has full consular services here. All others are consular agents or honorary consuls.

  • Australia JL. Prof. Moch. Yamin 51, Renon, Denpasar, Phone 235092, 235093, fax: 231990.
  • British (Honorary) JI. Merta Sari 2, Sanur Phone 270601, fax: 270572.
  • Czech Republic (Honorary) JI. Pengembak 17, Sanur Phone 286465, fax: 286408.
  • France Jl. Raya Sesetan 461, Phone 287383, fax: 287383.
  • Germany (Honorary) Jl. Pantai Karang 17, Sanur, Phone 288535, fax: 288626.
  • Italy (Honorary) J1. Bypass Jimbaran, Phone 701005. Japan JI. Raya Puputan Renon 170, Denpasar, Phone 227628, fax: 231308.
  • Mexico Astina Tour, Jl. Moh. Yamin 1A, PO Box 150, Denpasar, Phone 223552, fax: 244568.
  • Netherlands KCB Tours, JI. Raya Imam Bonjol 599, Phone 751517, fax: 752777.
  • Norway & Denmark JI. Jaya Giri Vill/10, Denpasar, Phone 235098, fax: 234834
  • Sweden & Finland Segara Village Hotel, JI. Segara, Sanur, Phone 288407, fax: 287242.
  • Switzerland Swiss Restaurant, JI. Pura Bagus Teruna (JI. Rum Jungle), Legian, Phone 751735, fax: 754457.
  • United States of America, Jl. Hayam Wuruk 188, Phone 233605, fax: 222426.

Passport Loss

If you lose your passport, it will be difficult to get new documents to leave the country unless you have the proper official forms from the police. Always keep a photocopy of your passport, visa and driver's license separate from the originals. You can then prove your identity to your consul in Bali in case of theft or loss.

When theft occurs, report to your consulate. Verification of your identity and citizenship takes two or three weeks and involves going to the immigration office in Denpasar.


When packing, keep in mind that you will be in the tropics, but that it can get cold in the mountains. Generally, you will want to dress light and wear natural fibers that absorb perspiration. A medium-weight sweater or wind breaker is also a must as is a sturdy pair of shoes. Suits and ties are almost never worn.

Don't bring too much, as you will be tempted by the great variety of inexpensive clothes available here. Most tourists find a cotton batik shirt more comfortable than what they brought along. If you visit a government office, men should wear long trousers, shoes and a shirt with collar. Women should wear a neat dress, covering knees and shoulders, and shoes.

For those wanting to travel light, a sarong purchased upon arrival in Indonesia ($5-10) is one of the most versatile items you could hope for. ft serves as a wrap to get to the bath, a beach towel, a waist sash which is required dress for Balinese temples, pajamas, bed sheet, fast drying towel, etc.

Indonesians are renowned for their ability to sleep anytime, anywhere; so they are not likely to understand your desire for peace and quiet

at night. Sponge rubber earplugs are available from pharmacies in the West or from the in-flight airline toiletry kit. Many consider them the most important 4 grams they carry.

Tiny padlocks for use on luggage zippers are a handy deterrent to pilfering hands. Some come with combination locks. Flashlights may come in handy, although these can be easily purchased locally.

Bring along some pro-packaged alcohol tow elettes (swabs). These are handy for disinfecting your hands before eating, or after a trip to the kamar kecil (lavatory). Also available at local supermarkets.

In the majority of Indonesian department stores and supermarkets you can find Western toiletries. Contact lens supplies for hard and soft lenses are available in major cities. For gas permeable lens wearers it is still necessary to come well-stocked.

Dental floss, tampons, and sanitary napkins are available in Western style grocery stores like Gelael and Hero that are fast becoming common in Indonesian cities. Kondom (condoms) are available at all apotik (pharmacies). Bring sunscreen and Insect repellent, although these are also available locally.

Passport photos may come in handy for applications/permits (for parks) or even as gifts. On your travels you will meet people who are kind and helpful, yet you may feel too embarrassed to give money. In this kind of situation a small gift is appropriate. Chocolates, biscuits, pens, stationery from your hotel, even your T-shirt with foreign designs are appreciated.


While the spiritual heart of Bali lies in the mountains, the tourist heart of the island lies in the south where, the major tourist enclaves of Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua are located. This is the focus or at least starting point for almost all visitors, especially those arriving by air.

Those lodging in any of the three above-mentioned areas, find it easy to make day trips to most of the popular tourist destinations, including Gunung Agung and Besakih temple, Kintamani, Singaraja and Lovina, Candidasa, etc. It is also easy to make overnight trips to these destinations or plan a circular route, starting in the south, visiting point of interest over several days and returning to the south for shopping and ultimate air departure.

The ports of Benoa, Batubulan and Padangbai are launching points for boat journeys to islands east of Bali.

Abundant transportation, numerous tour desks and travel agencies offer overwhelming information and options. It's best to read first, ask questions and then decide what you want to see. Decide whether to drive yourself by car or motorcycle, hire a driver, guide or take an organized tour to maximize your experience of Bali.

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