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Following are various types of foods
popular in Bali

Nasi Bubuh :
Sold commonly in villages for breakfast. Served on a banana leaf (tekor), spiced, scattered with sayur urap (vegetables mixed with shredded coconut) and fried peanuts. The price of one portion is between 1500 and 2000 Rupiah.

Jaja Bali :
A variety of traditional snacks, made primarily from rice, sticky rice, cassava, and yam or sweet potato. Included here are Laklak, Godoh, Bubuh Injin, Lempog, Batun Bedil, Pisang Rai, Bendu, Klepon, Kukus Ketan, Wajik and Lapis, among others. In general we are willing to up to 1000 Rupiah to indulge in this treats. Beyond that, it's a bit overpriced.

Tipat Cantok :
Compressed rice morsels, made in a specially woven diamond - shaped coconut leaf basket, known as tipat (ketupat in Indonesian) served with uleg spices of fried tofu and it goes well with krupuk (crackers). One portion should cost you about 1500 to 3000 Rupiah.

Rujak :
Rujak is made from sliced fruits, including sour mango, young papaya, bangkuang (a juicy kind of tuber) cucumber, pineapple and others. It's often sold with a choice of two spiced sauces : those with local red sugar, or those with fist sauce. One portion cost between 1000 and 2500 Rupiah.

Bulung :
Traditional Balinese salad, generally most popular along the Southern coastal regions. A variety of boiled seaweeds served with fish sauce dressing. Cost 1000 to 2000 Rupiah.

Be Guling :
A whole pig roasted over an open fire by rotating it on a spit. The stomach is stuffed with various spices. This is often viewed as the "masterpiece" of traditional Balinese cuisine.

Lawar :
Minced meat or vegetables mixed with ground spices. In general it is made from pork, or the meat of a type of short-legged duck (kuwir), jackfruit (nangka), young papaya, long beans (kacang panjang) the leaves of star fruit (daun belimbing) coconut, and sometimes mixed with animal blood.

Tum :
Minced meat mixed with minced pigskin, often mixed with blood. Small portions are wrapped individually in banana leaves and steamed.

Pesan or Pepes :
Spiced fish or meat wrapped in elongated banana leaf package and then steamed and / or grilled.

Sate :
The type of sate, which traditional in Bali is called sate lilit. It is made from minced meat mixed with grated coconut, spices and then molded onto the skewers made from bamboo or coconut wood, grilled over coals.

Jukut Ares :
A soupy vegetable dish made from the trunk of young banana trees. Until the early 1970s, you could still find traveling vendors selling jukut ares served on a banana leaf with sate kakul (snail sate).


Traditional Warung


Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in Denpasar
Some favorite places for breakfast in Denpasar


Warung Adnyana
Rice or ketupat (compressed rice) mixed with chicken. First located on one of the alleys near the central market (Pasar Badung) it then moved to the Bird Market complex (Pasar Burung) and then a few month ago it moved to its own building on jalan Patimura, Denpasar.

Soto Daging Sapi (Beef Soup)
There are a lot of branches of this food chain all over the city, and some of the more popular locations are on Jalan Kapten Mudita (Penyobekan) at the end of Jalan Nangka near to the intersection with Jalan Veteran and Jalan Patimura and the one that sells out of soup the quikest is the location near the Badung cemetery (kuburan) by around 10 am.

Jalan Kepundung :
On this street there are two warungs, which serve food similar to warung Adnyana. They have been for decades.


Popular places for Lunch in Denpasar

Bali Guling (Roasted Pork) the most well know are the two locations on Jalan Sesetan , called Rebo and Lodra. Also Wirabuana on Jalan Supratman. There's another on in Penatih (hosted by two women) and in Sanur there's babi guling vendor called Men Sambreg located in front of the old discotheque "No. 1" but it's only open until 9 in the morning.

Lawar :
Several of the best spots for this dish are in Penatih or near the traffic circle in Renon (bundaran Renon) and on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, in Padanggalak and on Jalan Cokroaminoto. Generally they serve both beef and pork varieties.

Soto Ayam (chicken soup)
A popular place for this chicken soup is on Jalan Sumatera near Jalan Hasanudin and on Jalan Veteran both place are under the same ownership.

Chinese Food :
On Jalan Teuku Umar, there are two restaurants to be recommended: Rasa Sayang and Samudera.

Sate and Gule Kambing (goat meat sate and curry) :
This dish generally sold by people from Madura is relatively easy to find all over Denpasar. The most well known name is Manalagi Imram to be found at Pasar Burung, on Jalan Teuku Umar or Jalan By Pass in Sanur or on Jalan Kaliasem, Jalan Supratman near the intersection with Jalan Nusa Indah.

Balinese Sea Food :
This type of food in Balinese is called languan and is increasingly popular lately. On Jalan Pemuda in Renon, there is Warung Be Pasih, which is a branch of the one in Pesinggahan, Klungkung. Also in Renon, there is Warung Lembongan, which is an extension of the legendary Mak Beng of Sanur, and Warung Nang Lecir, which has just opened in from of the TVRI (national TV station) office.

Nasi Campur :
This is rice with a mixture of side dishes. Most include chicken. So far, Warung Wardani
Located on Jalan Yudistira is still the leader in popularity, especially because the menu accommodates well to non-Balinese tastes. But don't come later than 1 pm if you want to eat. Also popular are Warung Satria on Jalan Kedondong and also a branch on Jalan Supratman and try Warung Adnyana on Jalan Supratman.

Nasi Pecel :
This typical East Javanese dish is served at the popular warung on Jalan Teuku Umar near to and across the road from the Petrol Station. The dish includes rice and vegetables covered with spicy peanut sauce.

Soto and Sate Pelecing
This is original cuisine from Singaraja north Bali. Sate of beef or pork spiced with red chilies and tribe soup (soto babat). You can find it at the intersection of Jalan Werkudara and Sahadewa, but it is quite small.

This pork-based dish also comes from Singaraja. You can try it on Jalan Sutomo and rest to Tiara Dewata supermarket and department store.

Mie (noodles)
This "Chinese pasta" can be eaten with the crowds at Mie Ayam Jakarta on Jalan Veteran or at branch on Jalan Gatot Subroto. But you'll pay tax on 10% extra.

Ayam Goreng / Bakar (Fried / Grilled Chicken) :
Generally this is found at Javanese warungs. You can try Prambanan Restaurant on Jalan Hayam Wuruk, which boasts a fairly extensive menu. Using a slightly different style to cook it, there's Ayam Presto and Ayam Tulang Lunak also Ayam Bakar Wong Solo on Jalan Merdeka, also near to jalan Hayam Wuruk. Then there's Ayam Bakar Taliwang from Lombok, where the chickens are quite small (village chickens).

Food Court:
If you want to visit a genuine Balinese "food court", do try the central market (Pasar Badung) at the intersection of Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Sulawesi. You'll find plenty of choices in traditional foods and drinks on third floor. Another popular Food Court with variety of cuisines available (from Gado-gado to pizza and everything in between) is at Tiara Dewata Supermarket and Department Store on Jalan Sutoyo.

Other recommended restaurants include Deposit Betty, on Jalan Sumatera, which is still good after a few decades operation. They serve a general Indonesian menu, which tends to lean more towards East Javanese. The same can be said of Sumber Asih on Jalan Veteran. Warung Batan Sabo on Jalan Sumatera is famous for it's oxtail soup, but come before 12 noons.

Besides these serious meals, there are also some popular places to snack. One of these is Bolan's warung on Jalan Abimayu, near to Wardani, which serves various types of rujak (described earlier) and Kolak (a sweet soupy desert usually made cream). Open from later morning away at Warung Bolan.


Traditional or international ?


For Dinner, some choice places in Denpasar include :

Nasi Jinggo:
This first emerged in the late 1980s at the old transport terminal, Suci. The original, consisting of a handful of rice, with a piece of chicken, a slice of cucumber, fried and spiced grated coconut and sambal (spicy chili sauce). And now Nasi Jinggo can be found all over Denpasar, with opening hours from 9 pm until morning, costing about 1500 Rupiah per wrapped portion.

Pasar Senggol Kereneng Market:
Pasar senggol literally means a busy, elbow-to-elbow market. This one, located on Jalan Kamboja in front of Kereneng Market, is open from 5 pm until 11 pm. They serve a fair variety of foods at very affordable prices. If you come from the East, there's a Warung serving soto ayam (chicken soup), tofu and fried rice East Javanese style, and behind that you can get rujak cingur (a type of fruit salad and sauce as described earlier) and es dawet (a type of icy drink in a bowl) then to the West there are lots f stands selling goat sate and curry, Bali-Chinese food, nasi campur (rice and mixed side dish) es campur (mixed ice) Jajanan Bali (traditional snacks), babi guling (roast pork), rice dishes from Padang (Sumatera), and the furthest West you will find delicious tahu lontong (chunks of tofu and another variety of compressed rice, with vegetables and peanut sauce) and Balinese rujak.

Pasar Senggol Pekambingan Market :
Located on Jalan Maluku, you enter from Jalan Diponegoro, before the Kerta Wijaya shopping complex. Here there's shopping Warung Madura, which serves chicken soup and sate, and goat curry and sate, plus Bali-Chinese food and es campur. This is located at the end of the night market stands at the old transport terminal called Suci.

Pasar Senggol Kumbasari Market :
Located at the southern end of the Kumbasari Art Market complex on Jalan Gajah Mada. The type of food here are similar to those at the other markets describes above, and this one is the last of Denpasar's original old markets (pasar senggol) which used to be located nearby on Jalan Sulawesi.

Pasar Ubung Market :
For those who need to eat in the middle of the night, food stalls at this market open at 12:30 pm and the menu includes chicken nasi campur and roast pork (babi guling).

Nasi padang :
Padang food warungs, serving food characteristic of Padang, Sumatera are to be found all over Denpasar, and the great thing is they are generally open 24 hours a day. You will see the available dishes displayed in a glass window and you can choose whatever you want to go with your portion of rice.


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