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Disability Research Resources

This site was last updated on September 28, 1999

This site is my effort to organize on-line resources for (a) disability research from a socio-political perspective, and (b) the emerging interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies. This is a field that is still early in its development, and is subject to different definitions regarding its scope, contributing disciplines, and methods. There is also considerable discussion around the appropriate roles for nondisabled people as disability researchers and advocates. My goal in developing this site is to organize materials that disability researchers can use in thinking about these questions, or simply to support their own work.

In lieu of my own General Disability Resources page, I'm now referring people to Society for Disability Studies' links page, which has nearly all the same resources as I had on mine -- not much of a surprise, as I maintain SDS' site! The SDS links page has links to disability studies academic programs, social and/or activist disability resources, disability web site indices, and more. It has most of the resources of interest to visitors to this page. I encourage visitors to this site to check out the Society for Disability Studies website.

The Research Resources page has links to a few disability-specific research resources (e.g., NIDRR), to research methods resources, and to funding sources.

The Women and Disability page has all the on-line resources on women and disability that I've been able to find (and that seem to be active and downloadable).

The Multiple Chemical Sensitivity page has a Q & A section I developed based on reactions to my requests for accommodations for MCS, and links to other resources. I hope to raise greater awareness about the barriers faced by people who experience hypersensitivity to artificial scents and other commonly used chemicals -- specifically, attitudinal ones (see a flame I received in response to this page, if you're up for it). In particular, I hope that visitors to this page who have disabilities will learn more about MCS, and to try to accommodate it in social and political disability-related activities.

My home page has information about myself, my research interests, my hometown of Portland, Oregon, some fun sites (e.g., Callahan, Tom Tomorrow) which you may access directly via Fun Links, and to web page development resources.

Please sign my guestbook (and view others' contributions)! If you have comments, questions about, or suggestions for any of my pages, please e-mail me. Please read the note below before you e-mail me.

E-mail me! Other contact information is provided near the bottom of this page.

Please read before you e-mail me: I do not offer myself as a all-purpose resource or "human search engine" for all aspects of disability (legal, theoretical, or medical), therefore many questions (e.g., "How can I set up a job from home," "Can you refer me to a good doctor/lawyer for __," or, "Is __ legal?") are best directed elsewhere. However, I'm happy to refer people to sources that I have readily at hand!

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