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Welcome to my Bootleg CD-R trading site!

Due to several reasons, I have stopped trading!
Bootleg cd's are not official cd's and are not supported by artists and music bands .

These pages display a list of my bootleg collection. People who have traded with me before, I want to thank you all for trading with me but I must stop. There are several reason's but one of them is because it is not legal to distribute bootleg cd's. Although trading is (in my opinion) not distributing bootleg cd's, another one could look different at this. If you traded before you can always contact me again (to chat).

Sheryl Crow
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The five most popular bootlegs from this site are:
1. Stevie Nicks - Live at the Cuyahoga Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY, September 6, 1986
Bruce Springsteen - Arnhem Nights
3. Bruce Springsteen - The Rising Tour rehearsals, 2002
Stevie Nicks - Dreamer
5. Stevie Nicks - A day in the garden
Last Updated: June 3, 2007
Quality rating description:
A+ Excellent Everyone must have this!
A Very Good Great sound quality, only minor crowd noise.
A- Good Everyone would like this, some crowd noise.
A-- Good (Vinyl) Recorded from vinyl, static noise available
B+ Decent Still listenable (with some unwanted noise).
B Bad You really like this band and want to have everything of them.
B- Very bad Might not be listenable anymore.
C Awful Die hard fans only!


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P.S. We trading people are the true fans of the artists/bands listed and we already own all official releases but we want more! This is the only reason we trade those bootleg (live) releases. We will never sell them or make profit of it.
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