Catching Drills

Giving Signs


  • Mirror Drill
    Catcher gives signs in front of a mirror. The catcher will be able to see what the pitcher sees. This gives the catcher an idea of how easy or difficult the signs are to read.

  • Practice Setting
    When catchers are working on other skills, have them go through the entire sequence of events, starting with sign giving. This gives the coach, or partner, an opportunity to witness and critique any problems.

  • Saying The Sign
    At practice, perhaps during batting practice, have the catcher give the signs and have the pitcher say out loud the kind of pitch and the location. After a few times, have them switch to alternate signs. Between pitcher and catcher, the fine tuning of leg openings and fingers and glove hand will take place. In addition, the batter can be looking for a specific kind of pitch to quickly adjust his swing.

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