Catching Drills

Throwing Accuracy


  • Bullet to the Box
    A catcher's throw to second base should not only be timely, but accurate as well. A cardboard box (14"Wx20"H) perched on second base is an excellent target for throws. A catcher should be able to put a bullet into the box every time. Five throws and then change catchers. A partner (the alternate catcher) can stand behind second to field errant throws. Two cardboard boxes, one at home and one at second base, can keep two catchers practicing for hours.

  • Hit the Helmet
    A nice drill at the very end of practice when catchers are tired (same situation during games when base stealers run rampant). Place a batting helmet on second base. Catcher has the ball and jump pivots and throws to second to try and hit the helmet. If he misses he retrieves the ball and tries again. If he hits the helmet, he's done for the day.
    (Note: After 3 failures the drill is over.)

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