Baseball Catchers Enigma Machine Quiz 1

Decipher the Catcher Code Name of XCVZTSXJYHSRNALZXL

To decipher the name of the catcher coded as XCVZTSXJYHSRNALZXL you must first correctly answer a series of trivia questions which will provide you with the correct settings on the ENIGMA machine below. For those unfamiliar with the operation of the enigma machine, a brief tutorial has been provided. [Note that all answers to these questions can be found on this web site.]

  • The number of Putouts (while catching) by Art Wilson in either 1912 or 1919.

  • The number of Homeruns hit in 1981 by Johnny Bench (left setting)
  • The number of RBI's hit in 1920 by Muddy Ruel (middle setting)
  • The number of Stolen Bases achieved by Joe Girardi in 1993 while with Colorado (right setting)

  • PART III - STECKER PAIRS (3 of them)
  • Rollie Hemsley's first and middle initials
  • Admiral Schlei's first and middle initials
  • Agnew's first and middle initials

  • Initials (first, middle, last) of the catcher born in Detroit Michigan and who also played for Detroit and won 5 Gold Glove Awards.

Now that you have obtained all of the correct numbers and letters (machine settings), it is time for you to enter them into the ENIGMA MACHINE setup (by clicking on the SETTINGS tab below the machine keyboard). After you have entered each group of settings, Click On the SET button. When you enter the Stecker Pairs and click on set the machine will automatically put them in alphabetical order.

This is a simulation of a WWII German Enigma encryption machine. You will use your mouse to click on the machine's keys to enter the Code Name XCV ZTS XJY HSR NAL ZXL one keystroke at a time (your CipherText will be shown in the input box to the right). If you have correctly answered the above trivia questions, the Enigma Machine will generate the PlainText name of the mysterious catcher in the output area.

Enigma Machine Applet code Copyright (c) 1997-2001, Andy Carlson. All rights reserved.

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