Gold Glove Award Winners

Team Multiple Award Winners

Since the creation in 1957 of the Gold Glove Award by Rawlings Sporting Goods and the first catcher recipient, Sherm Lollar, from the Chicago White Sox (American League) there have been twenty-one different teams whose catchers who have won the award. The list of Teams With Most Gold Glove Catchers is:

National League American League
12 Cincinnati Reds 16 Texas Rangers
10 St. Louis Cardinals 11 Detroit Tigers
5 Milwaukee Braves 7 California/Anaheim Angels
4 Los Angeles Dodgers 5 New York Yankees
4 Pittsburgh Pirates 5 Minnesota Twins
3 Philadelphia Phillies 3 Chicago White Sox
3 Montreal Expos 3 Cleveland Indians
3 San Diego Padres 3 Boston Red Sox
3 Florida Marlins 1 Washington Senators
3 Houston Astros 1 Baltimore Orioles
2 Chicago Cubs    
2 San Francisco Giants    

Gold Glove Catchers Year-by-Year

Catchers With Most Gold Gloves

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