In The Park Grand Slams

Through 2003 there have been 12 catchers who hit an In the Park Grand Slam Home Run. The first to do so was William Brown in 1890 and the last to do so was Dan Wilson in 1998. To date there have also been 357 In The Park Home Runs hit by catchers [See IPHR].

Source: David Vincent, member of SABR

Catchers who Hit an In The Park Grand Slam Home Run

Willard Brown NY-PL, August 29, 1890 (7 yrs in MLB, 6 career HR's)
Lave Cross PHI-N, July 6, 1892 (21 yrs in MLB, 47 career HR's)
Parke Wilson NY-N, September 5, 1893 (7 yrs in MLB, 3 career HR's)
Red Dooin PHI-N, October 1, 1904 (15 yrs in MLB, 10 career HR's)
Chief Meyers NY-N, September 11, 1909 (9 yrs in MLB, only HR in 1909)
Tex Erwin BRO-N, July 2, 1911 (6 yrs in MLB, 11 career HR's)
Mickey Cochrane DET-A, June 4, 1936 (13 yrs in MLB, 119 career HR's)
Wes Westrum NY-N, August 2, 1950 (11 yrs in MLB, 96 career HR's)
Tim McCarver STL-N, June 9, 1963 (21 yrs in MLB, 97 career HR's)
Jim Essian OAK-A, June 10, 1979 (21 yrs in MLB, 97 career HR's)
Ron Karkovice CHI-A, August 30, 1990 (12 yrs in MLB, 96 career HR's)
Dan Wilson SEA-A, May 3, 1998 (14 yrs in MLB, 88 career HR's)

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