Baseball Catchers Matching Quiz

Match the Yankee Catcher with the Year

# Catcher     Yankee Years
  Yogi Berra   a 1904-1910
  Rick Cerone   b 1908-1915
  Pat Collins   c 1915-1918
  Bill Dickey   d 1918-1920
  Thurman Munson   e 1921-1925
  Brian Dorsett   f 1926-1928
  Truck Hanna   g 1928-1946
  Elston Howard   h 1946-1963
  Red Kleinow   I 1955-1967
  Matt Nokes   j 1969-1979
  Jorge Posada   k 1980-1987
  Wally Schang   l 1988-1989
  Don Slaught   m 1989-1990
  Jeff Sweeney   n 1990-1995
  Roxy Walters   o 1995-2010

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