Luis Pujols

Full Name: Luis Bienvenido (Toribio) Pujols
Height: 6'1" Weight: 195 lbs.
Born: November 18, 1955 in Santiago, Puerto Rico
Major League Career: 1977 to 1985
Managerial Debut: April, 8 2002

Year TM/L G W L PCT M/Y W-EXP A-E Standing
2002 DET-A 155 55 100 0.355 2-2 61.9 -6.9 5 Central
Totals 1 155 55 100 0.355   61.9 -6.9  

A weak-hitting catcher, Pujols backed up Alan Ashby in Houston from 1980 to 1983, never batting better than .239 in just 316 career games played. The native of the Dominican Republic hit four of his six career home runs in 1982, and later played four games with the Royals in 1984 and one game with the Rangers in 1985.

Pujols spent the 2001 season managing the Tigers' Double-A affiliate in Erie, Pa. to the Eastern League's Southern Division title. He also served as a coach for the World Team at last summer's Futures Game in Seattle. He spent the previous eight seasons as a coach under Felipe Alou with the Montreal Expos. Dombrowski was the assistant GM for Expos who hired Pujols as a minor league instructor back in 1987.

Among Pujols' accomplishments in Erie in 2001 was the development of Mike Rivera, now catching in Detroit and regarded as the best of the young players already in the Majors.

"He gave us plenty of confidence as players," Rivera said. "He didn't put pressure on the players. He just let us play. I think that's the same way that he'll manage here.

"Luis has been great for me since last year. He knows how to manage the game and play the game."

After a very bad season in 2002, Pujols was fired by Detroit just after one year as manager.





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