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Most unassisted double plays, career
N.L. - 2 - Mike Gonzalez, St. Louis 1915, 1918
N.L. - 2 - Chris Cannizzaro, New York, 1964, 1965
N.L. - 2 - Ed Bailey, San Francisco 1963, Chicago 1965
N.L. - 2 - Hawk Taylor, New York, 1964, 1967
A.L. - 2 - Boss Schmidt, Detroit, 1906, 1907
A.L. - 2 - Frank Crossin, St. Louis, 1914 (2)
A.L. - 2 - Clint Courtney, Baltimore, 1954, 1960
A.L. - 2 - Yogi Berra, New York, 1947, 1962
A.L. - 2 - Buck Rodgers, Los Angeles 1965, California 1969

Most passed balls, game
A.A. - 12 - Gid Gardner, Washington, May 10, 1884
N.L. - 10 - Pat Dealey, Boston, May 1886
A.L. - 6 - Gino Petralli, Texas, August 30, 1987

Average Heights of Catchers by Decade

1870's    5' 9.8"
1880's    5' 9.7"
1890's    5'10.6"
1900's    5'10.2"
1910's    5'10.6"
1920's    5'10.5"
1930's    5'11.2"
1940's    5'11.5"
1950's    5'11.6"
1960's    6' 0.9"
1970's    6' 0.8"
1980's    6' 1.1"
1990's    6' 1.1"
Height Data provided by Tom Ruane, member of SABR

Catchers Who Caught for the MOST Teams

10 Deacon McGuire     CLE A  DET A  BRO N  NY  A  PHI N  DET N  CLE a
                      ROC a  TOL a  WAS N
 8 Rick Cerone        ATL N  BOS A  CLE A  MIL A  MON N  NY  N  NY  A
                      TOR A
 8 Tom Kinslow        BRO N  PIT N  STL N  WAS N  LOU N  NY  a  WAS N
                      BRO P
 8 Orlando Mercado    DET A  LA  N  MIN A  MON N  NY  N  OAK A  SEA A
                      TEX A
 8 Phil Roof          MIL N  CAL A  CHI A  CLE A  MIL A  MIN A  OAK A
                      TOR A
 7 Pat Borders        CAL A  CHI A  CLE A  HOU N  KC  A  STL N  TOR A
 7 Fatty Briody       CLE N  DET N  KC  N  TRO N  KC  a  CIN U  STL N
 7 Con Daily          BOS N  CHI N  BRO N  IND N  PRO N  PHI U  BRO P
 7 Duke Farrell       BOS A  CHI N  BRO N  NY  N  WAS N  BOS a  CHI P
 7 Hank Foiles        BAL A  LA  A  CIN N  CLE A  DET A  KC  A  PIT N
 7 Joe Ginsberg       BAL A  BOS A  CHI A  CLE A  DET A  NY  N  KC  A
 7 Rollie Hemsley     STL A  CHI N  CIN N  CLE A  NY  A  PHI N  PIT N
 7 Rudy Kemmler       CIN a  STL a  CLE N  PRO N  COL a  COL a  PIT a
 7 Hobie Landrith     BAL A  CHI N  CIN N  NY  N  STL N  SF  N  WAS A
 7 Bob Melvin         BAL A  BOS A  CHI A  DET A  KC  A  NY  A  SF  N
 7 Charlie O'Brien    ATL N  ANA A  CHI A  MIL A  NY  N  OAK A  TOR A
 7 Jack O'Connor      STL A  CIN a  NY  A  PIT N  STL N  CLE N  COL a
 7 Mark Parent        BAL A  CHI N  DET A  PHI N  PIT N  SD  N  TEX A
 7 Lance Parrish      CAL A  CLE A  DET A  PHI N  PIT N  SEA A  TOR A
 7 Pop Schriver       CHI N  CIN N  BRO a  PHI N  PIT N  STL N  NY  N
 7 Don Slaught        CAL A  CHI A  KC  A  NY  A  PIT N  SD  N  TEX A
 7 John Warner        BOS N  BOS A  DET A  WAS A  STL N  NY  N  LOU N