Baseball Catchers Hard Quiz

  1. In what World Series that went just four games what two catchers led both the winning team and the losing team in batting average by topping the .500 mark? {Hint: Both were MVP's during their careers}
  2. What Hall of Fame Catcher's 140 total bases and 102 hits are the fewest by a batting title winner in any year except a strike-shortened season?
  3. Who is the only catcher in this century to be a league leader in homers twice?

4. Who leads all catchers with 1,430 career RBI's?



5. Whose career batting average of .320 tops all catchers?



6. Among catchers who worked 1,000 or more games behind the plate and were active exclusively after WWII, his career batting average of .296 is the best?



7. Who tops all catchers in career walks with 984? He also holds the AL record for the lowest season batting average (.211) by a player who collected over 100 walks



8. Which catcher in 1978 ended the consecutive ten-year NL reign of a NL HOF'er when he garnered his first Gold Glove. This same catcher in 1982 also ended the consecutive six-year AL reign of another player by taking his first Gold Glove in the American League. Who was this catcher and who were the two crack glovemen whose skeins he interrupted?



9. He was the first catcher to hit 40 or more home runs in a season. Name him and the year.



10. His 37 homers in his biggest slugging season stood for 23 years as a major league record by a catcher. Name him and the year.



11. He set a new AL record for catchers when he clubbed 30 home runs in 1953.



12. The only catcher also to be a regular at two other positions, he had 100-RBI seasons while playing all three positions.



13. Only two catchers with over 400 official at-bats have ever led their league in fewest strikeouts. Both played for the same team the seasons they did it and both are in the Hall of Fame.



14. The hardest catcher in history to fan, he went down on strikes just 217 times in 5,169 career at-bats and never more than 25 times in a season.



15. Who is the only man (also a catcher) to win an MVP Award after WWII and later in his life win a championship as a manager?



16. He's the only member of the top ten list for the best career fielding average by a catcher who was active in the majors prior to 1950.



17. Which Boston catcher won the Rookie-of-the-Year award in 1972?



18. Which catcher has the most World Series Home Runs?



19. Which catcher holds the record for Single Season Batting Average (for a catcher)?



20. Which catcher holds the record for Single Season Doubles (for a catcher)?


  21. Which player (also a catcher) hit the very first (ever) World Series pinch-hit home run?
  22. Who was the last major league backstop to catch in 150 games in consecutive seasons: Ivan Rodriguez, Carlton Fisk, Randy Hundley, Jim Sundberg or Gary Carter?
  23. Which catcher holds the record for being a part of 4 Double Plays in a single game?
  24. Who is the only catcher to have hit 2 Grand Slam Home Runs in the same game?
  25. Who is the only catcher to have hit 10 or more RBI's in the same game?

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