Catching Skills



Jason Kendall Doing Bullpen Work in Full Gear

An overlooked area by some coaches and players is a catcher’s preparation in the bullpen. For a catcher who will spend most of his day in the pen, this is his game time. This is his opportunity to get better and to work on every phase of his game. To do this, a catcher must wear full gear in the pen. If he catches with only a mask, how will he get better on blocking balls in the dirt? A catcher has to go full speed in the bullpen. It helps the pitcher, both mentally and physically,  to get ready

for the game and makes the catcher better. The bullpen is the time to really learn about the pitchers. You can watch their mechanics. You can see every kind of pitch they have in their arsenal and learn what's really their best or their mediocre stuff. You can identify the little signs that tells when he's got it and when he doesn't. Knowing these things will make you both a better battery. Sometimes a battery really clicks and the pitcher will only want a certain receiver to start because he knows that this catcher is the one to make him look good.

Time spent in the bullpen is not time to feel sorry about not being in the game, but time to improve a catcher's overall game. Maximizing this time will greatly improve your skills, so that you will be the one behind the plate and your catching partner will spend his days in the pen. Take pride in yourself and your work ethic. It will pay off.

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