Name The 3 Mystery Catchers Quiz


Mystery Catcher Number 1

  • #1 Draft pick in 1967
  • 8 time All-Star
  • Career of 21 years, 2,456 games, 248 HR's, .285 Avg.
  • Holds records for catchers with 2,472 hits & 483 doubles


Mystery Catcher Number 2

  • Harvard University All-American
  • Drafted 7 times by major league sport teams (1966-1971)
  • MLB career of 4 years in the 1970's (White Sox)
  • Head Baseball Coach Brandeis University for past 20 years


Mystery Catcher Number 3

  • Baseball's all-time lowest career batting average (.170)
  • Ranks as one of the Top Ten Defensive catchers all-time
  • Career spanned eleven years (1901-1911)
  • Brother also a major league catcher


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