First, a warranty covers manufacturer's defects. Do not expect the dealer to fix
your cracked windshield, scratched panel, or flat tire.

Avoid an extended warranty offered by the dealer. They aren't cheap. Most
manufacturers' warranties are plenty long, 7-10 years in some cases.

Check to see if the warranty is "transferable". In other words, if you later sell the
car, does the warranty carry over or continue with the new owner? If it does, it
makes your car much more attractive to a potential buyer.

Check for geographical exclusions. Where you live may nullify or limit some of
the warranty's terms. For example, in the Upper Midwest, some manufacturers
limit their terms on underbody rust protection, because of road salt.

"Bumper to bumper" vs "Engine and Drive Train". Engine and drive train means
exactly that; the motor, and that which transfers the motor's power. Nothing else.
Bumper to bumper is better, since it obviously covers everything. But again, we're
only referring to defects in the car's manufacture.

Attention shade tree mechanics: If you get in over your head, then bring in the car
to have fixed what you broke, bring your wallet/pocketbook. The same is true of
any modifications or custom work that you have another shop do.
4. Harsh Truths