Welcome! Each week, Reid's Weekly casts a humorous, yet
critical eye on this week's pro football matchups. Here you'll
find many informative, entertaining insights as to why we think
the winners will win, and the losers will lose. What you will not
find is nudity, obscenity, nor hate messages of any kind. No,
just the hows and whys of what you really want to know:
Who's gonna win?
Reid's Weekly (RW) uses a time-tested, results driven
approach to our analyses and conclusions. We do not use
traditional "power rankings", other people's opinions
(including sports publications), or the Vegas "Line". Rather,
we approach each contest from a more traditional,
pragmatic perspective. RW looks carefully at, among other
things, team discipline, leadership, concentration, and which
players are more likely to knock the stuffing out of the guys
on the other side of the line. After five years picking
winners on the Internet
, we are most pleased with our
results. We know you will be, too.
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Raiders-TITANS: Could be big for Tenn QB
McNair, who plays for a team that knows how
to pass block. The Oaks get it done on the
ground, and with WR Tim Brown getting
respect, they'll get it done again. Oaks pull the
upset in Tennessee. PS- With Tenns' Thigpen
out, golden opportunity for Raiders to rejuvinate
their pass rush.
DALL-Phil: Eagles have shown some spunk,
but don't have the talent up front. Philly will run
it up the middle, to keep the ball out of
Aikman's hands, but it won't work. Problem
here is Eags' fumble-itis, and the pass is no relief
either, with various Philly QB's hitting the turf 43
times this year. Look for Aikman to have a big
day, even without Irvin, as Cowboys move up
in NFC East.
CHIEFS-Vikes: Chiefs try to keep up with
the Seahawks, while Vikes scratch and claw in
logjammed Central. K.C.'s plan is to run up the
middle, an area reaping big rewards this year.
Vikes should throw, throw, throw, and why
not? K.C. is prone to giving up the big play,
and Reid sees QB George moving the chains all
day long. Minnesota stalks Lions for lead in
NFC Polar, beats Chiefs on the road.
HAWKS-Bolts: Without Means & Seau,
Chargers don't have the punch. But SanD's big
problem is run blocking, which translates into
Seattle having the ball most of the time. With
improved pass blocking, and, frankly, better
coaching, look for Holmgren's Hawks to win at
home. PS- Reid sez CoffeeTown drafts high
for a running back next year.
Rams-SAINTS: Ricky Williams or no Ricky
Williams, you have to wonder if New Orleans
has packed it in. Besides, the way RB
Marshall Faulk has been playing, especially on
the rug, the Rams can control the ball, the
clock, and the game. Rams win. PS- St. Louis
is averaging 33 pts. per game and is converting
almost half their 3rd downs.
Balt-PITT: Steeler D has been carrying the
load for two years, but the real load falls on QB
Tomzak, who's trying to revive a pathetic
offense. Raves' main goal in this is to control
Pitt's run, and pretend they know how to pass
block. Look for Balt to throw it deep for the
upset win at Three Rivers. PS- Stat nerds tell
Reid Ravs have best rush defense in AFC.
Who knew?
Cards-D.C.: Very big for both. Arizona still
thinking playoffs, while Washis aim to lead
NFC East. Problem for Cards is weak running
game. Too many 3 & punts gives D.C. too
many opportunities to score. The point here is
Wash has almost 1500 yds in the air this year,
and RedBird Pro Bowl CB Williams can't hold
back that dambust, especially with Wash's
excellent pass protection. D.C. wins in AZ.
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