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Lions-BUCS: Gonna be a war. Why?
Simple: Winner takes lead in division and
is virtually assured a playoff spot. Loser
lives in limbo, falls back into logjammed
Central. Coach Dungee is old school with
run & stuff game plan, while Lions need
QB Batch now more than ever. Bucs
keep it simple on the ground, get Dunn
back in it, while Detroit blitzes at corner,
leaving linebackers to support run stop.
Mark Carrier comes up big, helps Lions
upset Bucs in Tampa.
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Cleve-CIN: Who cares? One of these
teams should start losing now to get a leg
up on the 2000 draft. Reid sees a passing
contest that Bengal vet Blake should win.
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Giants-BILLS: With no less than three
running backs on IR, NY's signature N-S
running threat is gone. Can you hear
Buff's LB's licking their chops?
Meanwhile, QB Flutie racks up large
yards, with rested and ready receivers
Reed and Price, giving Bills the win at
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PACK-Pans: Giant leap backward for
whoever loses this one. On Pan side, give
credit to Coach Siefert, winningest coach
ever, for not letting Carolina give up. Their
D shows promise, and will headhunt Favre
from all angles. But Favre reads blitzes
like "See Dick run.", and will make them
pay. Pragmatic Coach Rhodes is reviving
Shurmur's old corner blitz package, and
it's starting to pay off. G.B. wins at home.
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FRISCO-Falcons: Ride Coach Mariucci
all you want, but who's healthy to suit up?
Meanwhile, Reeves is doing more with less,
relying on the pass to stay in games.
Neither team can run, but will have to on
the mashed potatoes turf that is 3-Com in
December. Reid sez Falcons win away.
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JACK-Den: Jaguars are a perfect
example of what a keep-it-simple, low
mistakes club can do. Denver is just
waiting for next year, and has been out of
it for a month. Broncs D can still wrap
people up, but Jack's running attack
gets stronger every week. Jaguars win at
home, dominate AFC Central once and
for all. PS- If Jacks' wunderback Tony
Brackens doesn't make the Pro Bowl,
there's no justice.
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