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Sunday, 19 April 2015
Koporye prisoners

On the 30 September 1708 the eight Russians captured at Koporye two days earlier were interrogated. A short summary of the result:

The first one said he was a corporal in Col. Hupowitz regiment of Cossacks, 1,000 men strong. However, only 400 were present at Koporye and they had arrived from Pechory eight days earlier. They were not the only ones to arrive, a detachment of dragoons under the command of Lt. Col. Stepanov (6 companies of about 100 men each) had also come from Pechory. These detachments were at Koporye under the command of Brigadier Frazer, who had six regiments at his disposal. There was a garrison of 700 in Koporye itself, but these had not taken part in the battle.

The next two prisoners belonged to the Tobolsk dragoon regiment. They had deserted from their unit, which was under the command of Lt. Col. "Wasili Czatzeoff". The regiment consisted of six companies. They had arrived from Livonia about six weeks earlier. There were 700 men in the garrison at Koporye.  When the Swedes had attacked there were six Russian regiments.

The last five prisoners were from Monastyrev's dragoons (2), Manstein's dragoons (2) and "Pladur's" battalion (1). According to them there hade been five dragoon regiments and one Cossack regiment at Koporye. There were six Lt. Colonels and six Majors. The regiments were:

Monastyrev's dragoons (900 men), Schauenburg's dragoons (800), Jarsen's (?) dragoons (500), Alontkof's (?) dragoons (400), Tobolsk dragoons (600) and Bachmetov's Cossacks (600). 

(It should be emphasized that this is a summary of the testimonies given by these prisoners - or rather how the Swedish interrogators interpreted their remarks). 


Source: Krigsarkivet, Krigshandlingar, Stora nordiska kriget, vol. 11


Posted by bengt_nilsson at 8:00 PM MEST
Updated: Sunday, 19 April 2015 8:01 PM MEST
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Monday, 20 April 2015 - 12:17 AM MEST

Name: "Gromoboy"

Now we have commander's names

1.  Corporal of Hupowitz Cossacks. Corporal in a Cossack regiment sounds very strange, they didn't have this rank. Hupowitz evidently = "Упови‡". I don't find this name.

2.  Stepanov - I didn't find his name among senior dragoon officers in 1706-09. Probably he is Vasily Stepanovich Arakcheev, Lt. Col. (Col. since 1711), comander of Tobolsk Dragoons 

3. Monastyrev = Col. Vasily Monastyrev, comander of Vologda Dragoons, killed at the crossing of Neva by Lubecker troops on 28 Aug 1708

4. Schauenburg = Otto Rudolf Graf von undt zu Schauenburg, Col. of Nizegorodski Dragoons. It was in Hessen-Darmstadt Division & presented at Holowchino & Lesnaya. So, only a small detachment could be in Ingria 

5. Manstein = Lt.Col. Sebastian Ernst von Manstein, comander of Lutck Dragoons. Formal Colonel was Brigadier Fedor Chekin 

6. Lt. Col. "Wasili Czatzeoff" - ??? I didn't recognize the name. "Ча‡ов"? "Че‡ов"? "Це‡ев"? There are no any similar names among senior dragoon officers

7. Jarsen's (?) - no idea

8. Alontkof's = Olonetc Dragoons under Col. Moisey Mursenok

9. Bachmetov's Cossacks = "‘е…ме‚ев", a colonel of irregular Cossack regiment

It's strange that Narva Draggons are not mentioned. It was under Col. Iogan Ferdinand Adolf baron von Mulenfelsen

Monday, 20 April 2015 - 8:03 AM MEST

Name: "Bengt Nilsson"

Well, the first point to make is that the minutes gives the names in the way they were interpreted by the Swedish interrogators, i.e. how the Swedes heard the Russian prisoners pronounce them (similar pecularities can be seen in Russian lists of Swedish prisoners).

As for Schauenburg and Chekin I would say that dates are key. Schauenburg is sometimes claimed to have commanded the Lutsk dragoons in 1706. Since Manstein's name is missing in the final list, maybe Manstein and Schauenburg is the same regiment? When did Chekin take over in person - before or after 28 September 1708.

Monday, 20 April 2015 - 8:13 AM MEST

Name: "Bengt Nilsson"

Another unclear point is Apraksin's list dated 8 September. Does this list give the entire strength of the units available in Ingria or does it give the strength of the units at Apraksin's disposal - minus detachments? Were there for example only 400 Cossacks in Ingria?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 - 7:57 PM MEST

Name: "Gromoboy"

Vol. 7 of F.9 RGADA with Apraxin letters to Tzar is booked by another researcher, so I wouldn't check it until May

You are right, GM Otto Rudolf Schauenburg (or "Schaumburg" in Russian) was a colonel of Lutck Dragoons since 1706 (1704-06 Col. of Nizegorodski), Lt.Col. Sebastian Ernst Manstein was in the same regiment


So, we have 4 Dragoons out of Apraxin's 5:

1. Vologda=Monastyrev

2. Lutck = GM Schauenburg = Lt. Col. Manstein

3. Tobolsk = "Stepanov" (?) = Arakcheev

4. Olonetc

Narva Dragoons (Brig. Mulenfelsen, Lt. Col. Pauer) is not mentioned. Maybe it's unknown "Jarsen"?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 - 9:17 PM MEST

Name: "Bengt Nilsson"

Entirely possible. The Russian prisoners said something which the Swedish interrogators interpreted as "Jarsen". Like in the list of Swedish prisoners at Poltava, where "Reinhold Palmstruch" became "Ryngelt Pastruk" and "Orlowski" became "Azovki". 

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