1964 Dodge D100 High Performance Package

This truck was added to the registry in May 2010 by John Landuyt.

Email dated 5-26-2010:

Hi Ben. Just a little up date on the truck.
I just had a conversation on the phone with Doug Barr who is the fella that bought the truck from the Palouse Chrysler dealership in 1970 where he used to work at when he got out from the service.

Henry Fisher which is the original owner, traded the truck in at the same dealership that Doug Barr worked at in 1970, and Doug said the day that truck came in to the dealership, Doug said he had bought it the very next day.

Doug said apparently Henry Fisher ordered the truck with a 413 but it ended up coming with a 426. Doug said the seat in the truck was a all light green seat and no two tone seat. Henry Fisher drag raced this truck every weekend and every time he could in the sixties.

Doug said that he used to race also when he bought it and that the original motor had everything on it from a single 4bbl. to 2-4bbls, and even a cross ram with the 4s on the sides. He said that is why the inner fenders are banged in, to make room for the carbureters. Doug said he had put a 60's 426 hemi in it for awhile.

He said he just loved eating up the corvette guys.

Anyway, he said that I still have the original motor which you thought I did anyway, and Doug said that the D-300 motor mounts were the same ones the truck would have come with originally as like the Imperials. Doug said he had an engine tag around home somewhere but not sure where, that said 426 industrial and some other wording like the ones you have. He said I could have it if he finds it. I said don't send it by mail it might get lost, and that I would fly out and get it. He just laughed.

Doug said he built the cupboards in the back to keep his tools and oil in as he also used the truck for hauling wood for people and a work truck. We had a good chat and made friends now, so now the next step is to find Henry Fisher. I will keep you updated. John

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