1964 Custom Sports Special

This truck is owned by Darin Spring and was added in Jan 2023.
Darin writes "I bought it in June 2018 in fairly poor condition. The last tags on the Montana plate's were 1998 so it was sitting for awhile before I got it.
Being a lifelong minnesota salt resident I was impressed with it's bones and dug in to bring it back to life. I got it going and drove it for about a year with the 318 poly smoking about a quart of oil every 35 miles {I carried a couple gallons of 15/40 in a gas can} eventually I decided to to do a full rebuild on the motor.

Gary Pavlovich of 318 poly fame was an extreme key in helping put the motor combination together.... It is styled with a 360 stroker crank and valve train accommodations, cam is a Schneider grind, headers by Stan, conservatively a 300 horsepower motor, which pulls nice in a '64 dodge. I drive the truck every chance I get when the roads are clear of salt hauling a load of dirt or just getting a pack of smokes...
another huge asset in putting this truck together was Bud Thorpe 61~71 sweptline enthusiast suppling me with nearly every factory part that I needed, including rebuilding my steering box, sourcing me a hard to find transmission, and countless advice and knowledge....
one more thing to add and the only reason there is good photos ... please add photo credit Wilson Webb"

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