1964 Custom Sports Special

This truck was added in April 2015 and is owned by Steve Boelhouwer.

I purchased this truck in April 2015. Itís a 1964 CSS/HPP. Itís currently in good shape overall with almost zero rust, although previous owners have made some unfortunate (but correctable) modifications that will be taken care of. My goal is to restore it as accurately as possible, but with some non-destructive upgrades for safety and drivability.

The truckís previous owner was Aaron Rogers, who has also previously owned a couple of HPP tucks that are also in the Registry. And ironically, from looking at some of the old registration cards in the truck, at some point before that it was owned by someone only a few blocks from my old office in Los Angeles. Small world.

I (and my family) have been in the Mopar hobby for most of my life, ever since riding as a kid in my Grandfatherís new (at the time) Ď58 Fury. Others have included a 1958 Belvedere, a 1964 Dodge 440, a 1969 D-200 and 1970 Challenger. And my daily drivers have always been modern Mopars. But until I started looked for an old Sweptline last year I had never heard of the CSS / HPP trucks. And given their rarity and performance, Iím very bullish on their future in the hobby.

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