1964 W200 Custom Sports Special

This truck was submitted Matt Patwell of California. truck was previously owned by Ron Lanier and Matt would like to give all the credit to his uncle for keeping this beautiful machine on the road. the truck was purchased new with a 318 poly engine but now has a cleanly installed 440 in it. Here's some excerpts from the emails from Matt:

M y uncle has had the truck since 66 and has driven it daily.  He recently gave the truck to me when he finally broke down and bought himself a new Dodge truck.  He said something about being in his sixties and wanting power windows or something.  He had mentioned in passing that the truck had come with some stripes on it but that he had taken them off when it got repainted sometime in the late 70's. I was curious about the stripes and began searching the internet when I found your website.  The family always knew the old power wagon was somewhat rare but had no idea to what extent. In speaking to another Power Wagon fan out here, he said that the CSS package primarily came on the two wheel drive models. (Most)Everyone who bought the four wheel drive version didn't want carpet.  The truck also has the PTO winch on the front which still works.    I painted the truck in 94'.  The paint still looks great except for some rust that has emerged in areas that I've noticed other trucks have problems. Side of the bed where the floor meets the side panel, door corners, etc.  He gave me the original split rims and a perfect set of "trucker mirrors" which I want to reinstall when I go through the truck again. He ditched the 318 (which he regrets getting rid of) for a  low mileage 69 440 out of a Newporter.  I've added a Mopar electronic ignition and a new Holley carb and am looking for a set of exhaust to replace the welded manifolds it currently has.

I also have the factory build sheets for each of the items on the SERT. They sure were careful about documenting everything. These papers list every nut and bolt, then it goes on to describe exactly how to install everything. I sent a picture of one of the saddle bag gas tanks. There are two in total besides the in cab tank. My uncle doesn't know if this was a factory add-on or if the dealer did it or if the owner had them installed after purchase. I was hoping you could shed some light on the subject. I have become friends with another power wagon fan out here by the name of Robert Steller. He frequents the online discussion groups and was the one who pointed me in your direction in the first place. He prefers the 300 series trucks, but was impressed with the old 200 when he drove it. He commented on how nice the transmission felt and was also amazed at the overall condition of the truck considering it's use over the years. He noted that the rust I was dealing with is quite common in these trucks and that he felt everything was repairable.

My Uncle is very proud of this truck, and I am mainly doing this for his benefit. I know he will get many a good story with his buddies about it. I don't need any of the fanfare, he is the one who should be credited with keeping the truck on the road all of these years. He has been so dedicated to keeping it in shape that I would like to see him get the credit. His name is Ron Lanier and he resides in Huntington Beach, Calif.

I am trying to scan an era picture of him standing next to the truck in about 66 or so. It clearly shows the original stripes. Hopefully, I will be able to get it to you.


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Original Bill of sale!

440 engine replace orginal 318A

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