Hurricane Jeanne paid us visit this weekend.

Around three in the morning at the height of the storm on Sunday night we were awaken by a tree that sounded like it was crashing down on the house.

This is what we found the next morning in the window next to the bed where we were sleeping. This is Tree 2 that fell in this storm.

Here's Tree 1. this tree is in our front pasture and was an oak tree that grew at an angle. the weight of the moss and strong wind gust knocked it over.

More of Tree 1.

here's some photos of the very front of the pasture. these are very large branches that have fallen out of a very tall red oak.

more debris for the burn pile.

another couple views of Tree 1.

here is the first glimpse of Tree 2 - notice the large trunk at an angle above the roof.

Tree 2 is a very large tree that broke at about 15 feet up the trunk!

Imagine if it fell at the base of the tree - we'd be sleeping with that tree in our house for sure. We dodged a big bullet here!

our power was out from Sunday morning until Weds night. on my way down to pick up a generator from my brother (thanks Hobie and Laura!) i spotted this Lil' Red Express Dodge in a lot - the number is 352-528-2377. it appears to be complete and solid.