November - December Cab work
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Thanksgiving - i cut out the door stiker pockets from the old cab and made "patches" out of them to fit them to the new cab. this took considerable time for each side as i need to make sure the doors were align properly and the new cab holes were not the same as what i needed 

Shows new patch - note the bolt pattern

new cab - note the inverted and lower placement of striker.
Christmas Break - i lined up the patches and holes in the new cab and tack welded them in. i check everything for fit and them finshed welding them in place.

i didn't have a tool that could reach this edge of the door opening so i improvised :)

this it the patch welded in place and welds ground off - looks good and just needs filler now.

part of my thanksgiving time-off i made space for it in the garage. little birds and furry-tailed tree-rats were making a mess of my work. now my "finish work" will stay clean.
the only rust in the new cab was in the corners of the cowl down low on each side - i made little patches and welded the right side through the door hinge hole.

lower hinge hole spot bolt broke when i took the door off and this is my repair... a washer and 5/16th nut...

this the the backside of the patch located on the inner door area - view is from inside the cab on pass side looking at cowl corner. patch made for this rust hole took 3 hours to make. finish photos did not turn out for some reason.

this is a scrap steel "trailer" i made to mount the cab on. it is made from a ladder rack for a dakota and the wheels are from a seed spreader. this will let me strip and prime all sides of the cab when i'm ready

this is the right rear torque rod

right side dual exhast hanger

left side dual exhast hanger