1966 D200 Custom Sports Special - Camper Special

This truck was added in September 2007.

Truck is owned by Greg Hanne. Gregg writes:

I own what I believe to be a D200 CSS Camper Speical, 1966 model.  I've owned it for 8 years and didn't even know it was a custom sport special until I advertised it for sale and people started asking about the data plate!  I've been a sweptline enthusiast for over a decade and never knew this option existed until now; however, I always knew this was a rare interior and gauge combo, as I've never seen another. 
I've attached pictures of the remnants of the stripes underneath the front and rear edges of the hood (which I didn't know were there until today), the data plate, carpeting (check out the carpeted jack cover), HD gauges, seats, some interesting writing on the firewall, and other details. 

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