1966 CSS Chassis Cab

This truck is owned by Bubba "Dude" Storey. Bubba was the runner up bidder on this truck and when the winner didn't pick it up he bought it.

the SERT stickers make me think this truck started out as a chassis cab truck complete with buckets, console, carpet on floor and back wall and rear window. other options were the Heavy Duty gauges and power steering among other i have not seen before (see SERT sticker) it has a poly head 318.

it was probably modified to accomodate the camper shell that bubba removed. the modifications were the hole cut into the roof and removal of the rear window. Who knows how many of these beasts were made but what great documentation that each of these trucks carry on them. This is a real CSS in one of the many forms that Dodge would produce them in - if you ordered it they would build it!

Bubba also ownes a number of other Sweptlines - notables include two Dodge Dudes! (see the links page for more info on Dudes)

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Bucket seats and no console but was liisted on SERT sticker-
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